Sunday, September 2, 2007

My Monkeys

I am progressing nicely with my monkeys. This is my first pair and I am in love with the pattern. I find it so easy to knit. I have knitted the cuff and legs of both socks. I sure hope my partner will like the colorway I chose for her. I don't know if you can tell but among the various colors there is a bit of lime green, purple and brown (more of a tan) in this colorway. Between every blue stripe is one of the other colors so that is why it is mainly blue. I personally don't like brown and lime green but love this colorway since those colors aren't major but just a bit of accenting colors. I plan to knit a pair for myself since I got enough yarn to make two pairs.

I also have some monkey goodies for my partner. Who know I may get some more as when I was out at the mall I found more monkey items I may go back for later. I also have my Cookie A pattern. I just need to get the yarn for it.


Sarah said...

Very nice!

Courtney said...

Very pretty :-) I love the color.