Friday, August 31, 2007

Monkeys on the Needles!

I just started my Monkey socks... I have decided to knit the leg and foot with one color and the cuff, heel and toe with another.
I found a LOT of monkey loot on Oriental Trading and also on Monkey Goods. Then I found this recipe for Ninja Pirate Monkey Cookies. The internets are fun.

Monkey on!

Two Little Monkeys

I have two little Monkeys here, ready for their new home:

But, I still have some fun stuff do - shopping! I wonder what will accompany these Monkeys!

Monkeying Away

My Secret Monkey (as she dubbed herself) has already contacted me, and I sent a note off to my own Monkey knit-ee. I lucked out and didn't have to go shopping for new yarn. I already had a skein in my stash (from a very local independent dyer) that I think is perfect for my knit-ee. I also did some shopping and picked up a couple of monkey gifts.

I cast on the first sock last night and am ready to start the fourth pattern repeat. Monkeys go so quickly....if only my Hogwarts Sock Swap Two socks went so quickly (I'm working on what I consider a contingency pair, because the yarn I actually want is backordered).

Ready to Monkey Around!

Greetings Monkey folks!

I'm here and ready to join in the Monkey fun. I'm just waiting for a partner so I can get stitchin'. My questionnaire is on my blog:

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Monkey Sock Swap THREE

I have decided to change things up a bit for the third round of the Monkey Sock Swap. The Monkey Package you send to your pal must include the following items:


1. Monkey Socks (handknit for your Monkey Pal)

2. Monkey gifties (2-3 monkey related items)

3. One Cookie A. Sock Pattern that your pal wants (listed in sidebar)

4. Sock Yarn (to knit that pattern)

I will be accepting sign-ups through the end of August. The swap will run from September 1 thru November 1. All packages should be mailed on or before November 1.

Please email me (monkey dot sock dot swap at gmail dot com) if you would like to join us for some monkey fun!


Just wanted to post a quick little hello! I've mean meaning to knit monkeys since the first moment I saw the pattern. I aleady have one pair of them, gifted to me by another knitter in another swap. So. Excited. :)

hostage situation!

My monkey pal may have to fight the Librarian (bonus points if you can figure out who I'm talking about) for her monkey socks. See that manic grin on his face? I don't think I have a chance at getting them back. Wonder if he'll trade for my Koigu monkey socks...

Monkyeeing around!!

I've almost finished my first sock. Have touched base with my secret pal and said Hi!
I've ordered her pattern and yarn and some monkey for a little Monkey fun.............I hope some of you remember this too :)

Starting today

I have the yarn wound from the skein, needles are ready, I have two of the three monkey items that I am including, downloaded pattern from Cookie A's site and am anxious to get started. Three day weekend, pefect time to sit and knit. I have sent a few emails (annonymously) to my pal and she sounds like a wonderful girl. At present I haven't heard from the monkey who is knitting for me. If you are out there I would love to hear from you, email or blog which every makes you feel comfortable.

1st swap ~ silly questions?!

I think my title says it all. Maybe I'm just eager especially with the 3 day weekend and this being my first swap, but when you are knitting for your SP do you wait to see what their colors are and fabric choices are before going crazy on the needles??

I have been checking out all these really sweet sock yarn and dying to go get some and start my cast on but ....

Also, is this the appropriate place to ask questions? The last thing I want to do is not get my first swap right .. augh! Thanks for the help.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

almost ready to knit !

i just finished dyeing up a batch of lovely bamboo blend for my swap pal's monkey socks, and i can't wait to start casting on! i also decided on some lovely indie dyed yarn to gift to her, as well as some knit picks stuff to send, since she's international and can't get her hands on the stuff!

in other news -- swap pal, if you're reading... i haven't heard from you yet :( are you ending up in my spam folder? do you have the wrong email address for me? please leave me a note on my blog to let me know that you exist... :(

no purl monkeys?

have you seen the new twist on the monkey socks by not purling?
and here
what do you think?

does it qualify as a monkey? or are you a mokey purist?

Gauge, You Are My Enemy!

I've only started to pay attention to gauge because I want to improve my knitting skills. But man it's hard for me to get the recommended gauge. For those of you who have Monkey Sock experience, should I be worried that I'm a couple of stitches off?

All I can see are monkeys. I even see them on clothing. Help.

Oh monkey sock wrangler. How do we fair today?

It looks like this here monkey is about ready for a toe or even a mate? We should keep tuned or possible watch this blog for more updates.

it arrived!

The knitting yarn that is!! Take a gander;

Hello All

I have my yarn and have casted on. I will post my progress. I hope my monkey pal is as excited as I am. I have been having fun shopping;) Happy Knitting!!

can't wait

I can at least post the yarn I'll be gifting to my pal (I hope she likes it!)

This is Lorna's Laces shepard sock in Vera.

Ready, Set GO

I have my pal's name and my yarn is all wound up; and the needles are empty!
Let's get ready to rumble!! I mean knit. I'll cast on this afternoon.


Still looking for the perfect yarns for my spoilee. I know I'll find them soon. No monkey gifts yet, but definitely not for lack of trying...

Heard from my secret monkey late last night, how very excited I am about this :D


Hey there LAdies and gents!!

I'm totally excited about this swap! I've finished my pair of monkeys for moi a few days ago and couldn't be more excited.

I just would like to take the opportunity to thank the swap master herself! thanks so much! also thank you to all the shops that are offering discounts. I honestly don't know who to pick. but it's super generous of you and I thank you!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So I finished the leg, heal and gusset of my first Monkey sock last night, I am now working on the foot :-)
Here is a picture of my monkey in its bed :-) :-)

Yay for Socks!

I have an awesome yarn for my spoilee, and I can't wait to get it on the needles! Gotta get the other sock off first...
I also have the perfect lineup of gifties ready to go! If anyone's still looking for interesting things, MadCaterpillar has these amazing little bags, perfect for sock projects, with sock monkey lining and embellishments. They're all gone right now, but she's working on more and will let you know when they're available if you message her.

Also, I am quite impressed by my spoiler, having figured out how to leave an anonymous comment on my blog that doesn't allow for anonymous comments. Can't wait to see what's planned for me!

10% off for MSS3 Members at Yarn Lust!

Hi All!
If you're still trying to find the perfect yarn for your Monkey Sock Swap Pal (and I know I am!), please come on over to Yarn Lust. I'm offering 10% off your total purchase from my Etsy store (including the shipping cost) for MSS3 Members :) Please enter the code MSS310off in the note to the buyer section, as well as your registered MSS3 blog address & name when purchasing and I will send a new invoice to you with the adjusted amount!

- Rosalynn

Now to knit

I am almost all set. I have the yarn picked out, the pattern of course and some monkey goodness stashed in a box or on it's way. Now for the cast on!!

Almost have everything

Just waiting for the yarn I will be using for the Monkey's and one more item for my secret pal!

Can't wait, yikes!

OK, maybe I'm not as computer savy as I think I am

I received my swap pal assignment over the weekend (thank you very much Rebecca for your hard work). I have examined her blog, and answers to the questionnaire, I have even ordered her pattern, the yarn I'm send and using.... But I cannot figure out how to contact her anonymously! All of my e-mail accounts come through with my name on them! Does anyone have the answer?


Monday, August 27, 2007

One Monkey Down

I started my very first, ever, pair of Monkeys on Friday night. I didn't do much more than the twisted ribbing.

Saturday I got about this far:

And last night, I finished the first of the pair:

After a lot of worrying if I had enough yarn, (this was special yarn I got on Etsy a while back, and of course I couldn't find the label), I remembered we had a scale. I have more than enough to finish the second one!

I wonder which Monkey Pal will get them though?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Going through the stash

I received my monkeypal today, and after reading her yarn information, and going through the ever increasing yarn sock stash, I have narrowed it down to a choice of 3.

Colour choice: won't ever wear? - put all those aside
Colourway: pulled out all the varigated
Yarn preference: 100% superwash - put all the handwash, 80%/20% nylon, and 50/50% tencel aside
Colours I love: several in my stash, that don't contain the unwearable colour

I am pondering, will have to do a little more lurking before I finally shout eureka!

The stash goodies are already taken care of - bought monkey xxxxxxxxx, purchased monkey xxxxxxxxx, knitting monkey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.


Took the Monkey's out for some fresh air

So the Monkey's got tried of the stuffy house, so I took them out for some fresh air and then they wanted to pose for a picture, so here they are :0-) They really like my rose bushes :0-)

Hi everybody

This is my first swap and I'm very excited about it. I've already began gathering some goodies and did a "test drive" on the Monkey Socks pattern as I've never knitted that one before.
I have a question. My heel flap turned out much longer than necessary. At first I thought it was because I have small, skinny feet; so I asked my husband to try it on, and the heel is really too long. Does anyone else have the same problem? I'm seriously thinking of doing the socks with a short row heel...


Waiting to cast on!

I am so excited to be in this swap! I've never knit the monkey socks, but they are on my to-do list, so this swap is perfect! Cannot wait to receive my pal's name.
One question, has anyone tried making them on 2 circ's instead of the dpn's?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

See No Monkey, Hear No Monkey, Speak No Monkey

Just wanted to put in a little tease to my Secret Monkey Pal, I got these in the mail today for her Package.

They are the cutest stitch markers. I have the perfect yarn ready to go and have a couple more items coming in the mail. Mwuahhhhhhahahaha!!!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Not Yarn....

So - I'm waiting for my yarn to arrive so I can get started on my socks. I rush home from a long day of teaching teenagers hoping to find some cotton-blend bliss waiting on my doorstep. But no... look what greeted me instead:A bird inside my house. Not yarn, but exciting none the less - no? I'm happy to report it made it back outside alive & well. Maybe tomorrow the yarn will be here.... Can't wait to start my Monkeys!

~Heather R. / Arctic Knitter

Lookie What I Made!

(I know the picture sucks, but this was as good as it gets.) They are little Monkey charms. They were soo cute I just had to make stitch markers out of them.

I'm a Happy Monkey

Signed up yesterday, posted my questions and blogging today. Now waiting to find out who will be my monkeymate. This will be my third time knitting Monkey's, but don't own a pair for myself, I wonder, is that why I joined?

No Monkey?

Bonjour mes monkeys!

I am really excited to be doing this swap, but... is anyone else still waiting for their sock pal's info? Or is it just me?

Anyway, can't wait to get started - I am down to the toe of my last pair of socks, so I need to get those Monkeys on there before something else jumps on...

What?! :)


Cookie A Patterns

Hi, I live in the UK, I went onto the Loopy ewe to order the pattern for my Pal but they wanted $22.00 for shipping which i thought was a bit over the top just for a pattern, does anyone else know where I can buy these patterns from that I can either pay for and download or will ship for a more sensible charge. Thank You Sheryl

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm in!

After some "resistance" from my computer, I have finally been able to access the blog, with Rebecca's help. I'm so excited to play. Can't wait to start knitting another pair of Monkeys. I would have started already, but I thought I should wait to see what yarn my pal prefers! I've also been playing in the 52 pair plunge. I'm a pair or so behind, but expect to get some knitting done tomorrow, as I am going on a Quilt Shop Hop with friends . . . and I'm not the driver! Hooray! Looking forward to getting to know everyone. I already know it's a great group . . . because we're all knitters!


ready to start

Just finished my other socks this morning so the needles are freeeeeee. I can start my pal's Monkeys now. I think I'll be using this yarn.

I've Got My Monkey Yarn!

My yarn arrived yesterday. I think my pal will really like these colors and can't wait to get started on these socks.

Cherry Tree Hill-SockittoMe in Sugar Maple for the Monkey Socks
AND. . . .

Lorna's Laces-Shepherd Sock in Daffodil for her desired sock pattern.

I won't be casting on the Monkey Socks until Monday (Sunday at the earliest) but I will post a pic of that historic event: My first sock pal project!

Here's are two questions for the more experienced sock knitters: What is your favorite cast-on method for socks? What do you think works best for the Monkey pattern?

I've got my pal!

I've received my pal's info and picked out the yarn...

All Things Heather in Raspberry Twist!

I haven't heard from the pal knitting for me, so if you've e-mailed me and I haven't answered, somehow I missed it!

Special offer from

I am really thrilled to be part of this swap. I've never knit a pair of Monkeys before and look forward to it. I'm even more thrilled to tell you this: I work for and we've decided to do a special offer for all of you Monkey Swappers. For those who don't know us yet, we carry most of Cookie A.'s sock patterns and we have many beautiful sock yarns that would be perfect for any of her awesome patterns.

Our offer is the following: 10% off all merchandise (except non-previously discounted merchandise and the Sock Club) with the coupon code MSS31007. So that means 10% on most of the sock yarn, our row counter bracelets, needles, stitch markers and patterns.

I've picked the sock yarn that I would use for my Monkeys from our latest arrival, ShiBuiKnits Sock yarn.

ShiBuiKnits Mulberry

I hope that my pal will love them! : )

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Pal Has Arrived!

What a glorious day! Not only did I receive the pal I'm going to spoil (oh yes, she's getting lots of goodies), but I also was contacted by the pal who is going to spoil me! How exciting! I've already ordered the yarn for my pal and purchased a few gifts, so as soon as the yarn arrives, I can begin knitting. I'm so excited! This is going to be such fun!


Yarn Arrived

I received the yarn for my pal's socks and also the yarn that I am going to send. I've contacted my pal about 5 days ago and still haven't heard from her. Has anyone ever experienced this? What do you do in this situation? Just keep knitting? Hopefully I will hear from her soon.

Monkey, Monkey Where Ever You Are

I just finished the Monkey Socks for my pal. I would love to post pictures, but I'm not sure she knows who I am. Plus I don't want to ruin the surprise! I am getting ready this weekend to go hunting for Monkey things. So hopefully by next weekend she can have her Monkey package early!

Thank You For Your Post To My Blog

Hi Rebecca,

I'm looking forward to getting to know you better, too! I'm so anxious to be assigned my pal. I have an alias e-mail set up. I have the pattern printed out. All I need now is to know preferences so I can select the yarn I need for the socks. I've even bought a couple of monkey items. It's my first swap, so I'm REALLY excited!

Thank you for all your hard work. :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Little Monkey is Excited!

Little Monkey is getting pretty excited! Or, maybe he is getting a little nervous . He sees me knitting Monkey Socks and wrapping gifties in monkey paper. He remembers Ronnie putting him in a package filled with other monkey goodies and shipping him across the ocean to his new home in the Rocky Mountains. Two Monkey Swaps have passed since then but his memories have not faded. I keep assuring him that he is not going with these monkey goodies but he just won't listen!

how many skeins?

For those buying their pal Louet Gems and one of these patterns- Thelonious, Mona, Flicker, how many skeins are you buying?

A couple patterns say 2 skeins are needed and maybe third for a longer foot, but what's considered a longer foot? My pals foot length is around 9 1/2 inches and I'm trying to decide on 2 or 3 skeins of Louet Gems.


Just waiting for my yarn to arrive so I can get going. I'm really excited about this Monkey swap - it's my first swap. I love surprises! Today - waiting in my mailbox was this:

A Post Card from my Monkey Pal! How cool is that? I love getting real mail! Thanks Monkey Pal!!

By the way - I saw the postmark was from Sacramento - that's where my in laws live & we visit often. Happy Day & Happy Knitting to all!

Sock Monkey ~ Monkey Sock

Since I'm still waiting for my yarn to arrive I decided to make my pal a sock monkey. It was really fun to make & super easy. I got the directions from this site
I hope my pal likes it! Briefly blogged here

Sock Monkey

i'm up for some monkey business...

It's so much fun to participate in these swaps. I have had good luck so far with all I have joined and I am sure that this Monkey Sock Swap will be just as much fun. The socks in the picture are the Monkey's I knit for my Sockapalooza 4 Pal. They have been delivered, they fit, and she loved them (here words). I have not received my match yet, but have cast-on a pair on Monkey Socks to get back in practice and keep limber while waiting for my match-up. Check out my blog at for updates and my profile.

Sharon (aka Knittingauntie)

Monday, August 20, 2007


Monkey's are coming along nicely :-) They pattern is really nice, I love that it looks good in both Variegated yarn and solid yarn. I tried to capture the true beauty of this yarn but didn't succeed, this is all I got. :-( Well I guess myself and my pal will be the only ones to see the real color. It is really rich and vibrant. Well enough talking and back to knitting. :-)

ready for some monkey business!

okay i finally am logged in to blogger and am ready to contribute! i can't wait to receive my pal so that i can check our her questionnaire and begin choosing and shopping for yarn & the other goodies! woo hoo, another pair of monkey socks to do!

Checking in

Hello everybody, I just got my match today and also today I received an email from my spoiler. I'm already having so much fun reading her blog and thinking of things to put in the package, I can hardly stop myself from telling in my anonymous mails what I got her lol. I can't even image what fun it will be getting my first 'especially knitted for me' socks :-D This is great!

Help on pattern

Does anyone intend to buy Cookie A.'s Mona pattern for their pal, but have not yet purchased it?
You see, I bought the pattern the day I received my first assigned pal, but I have since been given another pal who requested a different pattern. So, if anyone had intentions of buying the Mona pattern, I could email you Mona (PDF) , and you could buy the other pattern my pal requested and email me that PDF. There will be no copyright violations involved since I bought the pattern solely for my sock pal. Actually she probably wouldn't mind getting a different pattern from what she requested, but just thought I would ask first. Thanks

Found the yarn!

This is the yarn I've gotten for my pal's Monkey socks. It's Shepherd Sock in colorway Tahoe. Good choice?

I'm so excited!


getting a good start

I bought some yarn on Sat and hopefully, I'll be casting on at the end of this week (I need to finish another sock to free up the needles :). I got lucky shopping for monkey items and I'm all set. Plus my sister called to tell me she found a monkey item and did I want it for my pal. Of course! So my pal will be getting a little bonus thanks to her (who lives in a different town and has different stores to shop from). Sometimes it pays to have a shopping queen sister!

I'm excited!

I can't wait to get my pal's info so I can get started. I've never made the Monkey sock before so I'm really psyched!

Just checkin' in!

Hi all! Just wanted to say a quick "hello," this is my first swap and I'm looking forward to it. Time to shop for monkey goodness!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I've Got My Monkey Pal But I Need Some Advice

Hello Everyone,
Thanks Rebecca for all the hard work. I've touched base with my Monkey Pal and I've chosen the yarn (will order online tonight). But I've been looking for monkey items one the web and what I've found so far doesn't appeal to me. It's either "wildlife fund" items with real-life monkeys, or babyish monkeys for nurseries. I was looking for zany, fun, cartoonish monkeys. I used to see these things everywhere and now that I'm looking, I can't find anything I like. Any suggestions?

Cheeky Monkeys!

Oooh I hope I get my partner soon so I can start!

So Excited

I am so excited about being a member of this swap, I have not received the name of my Pal yet but have already been shopping for goodies, managed to find quite a few monkey things as well as other goodies to include, can't wait to get my pal so I can go Yarn shopping.


I cannot wait to get started! Currently, I'm working on Monkey as I have commited to being a sock saviour over at Sockapalooza 4.

With our time frame given here, I'm confident that I'll get both my Monkey's done ('palooza's and here) in time. ;)

I've been browsing and trying to decide what yarn I will get for my pal, colors and colors, there are sooo many choices.

Paitently Waiting...

I'm so excited to have received my sock pal & I went right out and started shopping for her. I found her a lot of great monkey things, but I wanted to find the *perfect* yarn for her socks. I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. Actually, I couldn't even find exactly what I was looking for online so I ended up ordering her custom dyed yarn in the exact colors that she loves. Now I sit and wait for it to arrive..paitently...

...yeah right! I'm really ripping my hair out in anticipation!

Waiting now needles poised!

Thank you Rebecca for sorting me out last night! :D

I'm sitting now needles poised and waiting to start when I get my pal. I've already ordered a few Monkey things. :)

How to you knit for your hostess?

By taking photos and messing with them. I get the privilege of spoiling our hostess and messing with her head.


I have started this ball of yarn and knit the cuff and one lace repeat. This is such an easy pattern. I am loving it. This is my first monkey so we will see where it takes me. More details are on my blog including the start of the sock.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Yarn Question? Are Solids OK?

Hi Everybody,

I am knitting my first monkey for this swap and wanted to know what people thought about solids using solids for this pattern. I have a beautiful solid in mind. What do you think?

Getting Ready & Going Bananas

I'm so excited about this swap! Although I've been an admirer of Cookie A's socks for awhile now, I've never tried to knit a pair of her lovely creations. Well... the time has come to give 'em a go and I just know they're going to be a whole lot of fun to knit.

Now I just need to find out who my pal will be... and pick out my Monkey yarn... and find my needles... and... and...

Hmm... I think I need to get off of the computer and get busy!

Monkeys started

I got my pal and already started her socks!! i'm using Socks That Rock in the Rolling Stone colorway, I have 1 repeat done and already see why people love this pattern so much, this is my first pair of Monkeys and they won't be my last!!


So excited about my first swap!

This is my first swap, and I'm so excited. I was a little nervous signing up because I have never followed a lace pattern before. No worries, I have just finished the first leg of my first Monkey and It looks great. Check out my blog, I will be posting pictures later today or tomorrow. This first Monkey is not necessarily for my pal. If my pal likes bright green then I'm way ahead on the knitting otherwise they are just for me!


Can't wait to get started

I have been wanting to knit these socks for a few months now and I can't wait to get started. Sadly I won't be able to get going until later next week. I first have to find the perfect yarn for my partner and then find the time to sit down and knit. Right now I'm tied up with our local state fair, plus getting the kids back in school. So I'm looking forward to things slowing down around here.

choices choices choices

I'm fairly certain I will be using some cherry tree hill sock yarn for my pals monkey socks but I can't decide between 3 colors!

Sockittome in Blueberry Hill

or Sockittome in Foxy Lady

or Supersock in Wild Cherry.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Water Monkey

Here is the yarn I got for my monkey socks :-) they remind me of the color of water, so they are my water monkey's :-)

Cast on and finished rib
One repeat is done :-) They are so pretty I dont want to give them up.
Moore Monkey goodness :-)

I got my PAL

YEAHHH!!!!!!!!! I got my pal today and I cant wait to start knitting on her socks. I am not sure what yarn I am going to use but I found a bunch of cute monkey things for her :-) The spoiling now begins :-)

New Swapper

Hi - I'm Betty and I live in Hawaii. This is the first time I am swapping Monkey socks. I look forward to learning from everyone. I've already reviewed all the past entries and already have great ideas I can use.

My First Monkey Sock Swap

Well, hi! :) My name is Manda, and I am not new to swaps, however, this is my first Monkey sock swap! :) I love the pattern, and so far I've knit one pair that I gave as a Sockret Pal gift. I attempted another pair (for myself), but the yarn was not cooperating, so I'm Monkeyless. :( I should probably knit a pair for myself, but there's something that is so much fun about knitting socks for other people. :) I'll eventually knit a pair for myself, but in the meantime, I will wait patiently for socks knit for me from whoever ends up being my pal! :D You can find out more information, including my Q&A answers on my blog, Knitting Psychos!

Greetings Fellow Monkey Swappers

This is my first swap and I'm really excited to get started once I've been matched up. Any excuse to shop for great yarn is a plus in my book. I look forward to seeing everyone's progress and to sharing my own.

I Can't Wait

I know that Rebecca is moving as fast as she can but I'm going nuts or crazy with anticipation of finding out who my pal is. I love looking for new yarn and this will give me the perfect excuse. By the way, waiting for my Ravelry invite is driving me crazy also. Thanks Rebecca for doing a wonderful job with organizing this swap.

Ya I have a pal!

Well I am off on my search for the perfect yarn. I just love this pattern.Mary

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Got My Pal!!!

Yippee! I have my pal, I have my yarn now if only I was home rather than at work I could
start the socks. I LOVE MONKEY socks!! OK, so my extra strong coffee may have just kicked in...have to do something to get through 5 12hr nights in a row.

Monkey Business

The process of assigning Monkey Pals is well underway and many of you have already received yours! As you begin searching for the Cookie A. pattern you would like to give her and picking out a lovely yarn I wanted to let you know that THE LOOPY EWE is a wonderful place to start!

I met the shopowner, Sheri, a few swaps back when she was assigned as my Sockret Pal. She is one of the most appreciative recipients of any pair of socks I have ever gifted. She is so incredibly friendly and warm that she even has a group of followers on Ravelry called 'The Loopy Groupies'

The Loopy Ewe carries the Cookie A. sock patterns and the Louet Pearl Gems yarn that Cookie A. so often uses to knit her patterns. The shipping prices are one of the best you can find on the internet, too!

I emailed Sheri to let her know that she may suddenly get flooded with requests for Cookie patterns so she should probably stock up. She surprised me back by telling me that if any of my Monkey Pals linked to her shop from the MONKEY SOCK SWAP blog and placed their first order with the Loopy Ewe through our blog, she would give ME Loopy Ewe perk points. WOW! I wasn't expecting that! you think I'm going to encourage you to link through our site?? YOU BET CHA! I will do anything to enhance my yarn stash! Just KIDDING! But, if you were considering shopping at the Loopy Ewe and it is your first time shopping with Sherri, please do consider linking through this site.

And, someone just gave me a wonderful idea.....if I do receive any points I will apply them to purchasing all the Cookie A. patterns and then hold a random drawing with the winner being allowed to pick out a Cookie A. pattern for their very own! Great idea!

Carry on, my monkies! I am really enjoying getting to know some of you through the sign-up makes it just a little bit less tedious!

Monkey Sock Swap Hostess

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yea for Monkeys!!!

Why after having received three pairs and having knit 6 pairs am I so excited about another Monkey sock swap? I LOVE THE MONKEYS!!! It is a wonderful pattern, I don't even need the instructions any longer. Seems I always have pair on the neddleds. Thanks Rebecca for hosting anothe MSS...newbies, you'll have a ball, veternas, glad to see you back!!

Monkey Business

Good morning, Monkey Swappers!

I am still busy signing up participants and we are now at 52 participants.

I have sent all who have requested membership a Welcome Letter/Monkey Questionnaire and put your name in the sidebar. If your name is in the sidebar and you have not received your letter, please check your spam folder. Correspondence from me will be coming from If your name is not in the sidebar and you have requested membership then I have not received your email, please contact me again.

I have also sent you a clarification email on the contradicting swap end dates. The swap ends November 1, not October 15th. This means you must have your socks finished and to your pal by November 1 so please plan your knitting accordingly.

Some of you have already received your Blogger invitation. Please feel free to start posting on the blog whenever you want to - you don't have to wait until August 1.

And lastly.......there are several of you have not posted your Monkey Questionnaires on your blogs. Please try to do so soon. I won't be able to send you a pal until that is up!

I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you!!! I hope this swap experience will bring you many smiles!


Monkey Sock Swap Hostess

Special Offer Extended to Monkey Swappers

For the monkey sock swap members, White Oak Studio would like to offer this special promotion:

With each item (one item is 2 skeins of yarn) the buyer receives a FREE sock pattern from Wildhorse Farm Designs (to view designs browse this site - retail value $5.50. The buyer may choose one of these 4 patterns "Penllyn", "Metropolis", "Rococo", and "Stillwater".

Purchase on and put monkeysockswap in the note to seller, along with your pattern choice. I will send the pattern along with the yarn.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Monkey Swap Three Anyone?

How many of you are interested in having a MONKEY SOCK SWAP THREE?

If you are, leave a comment. And, would you want to change it up any? Like have different package requirements?

I'm thinking about having another round....I keep having people ask me if there will be one........but you better twist my arm if you want one.....start twisting......

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Monkey Swap 3?

Are we going to have a Monkey Swap 3? I had so much fun I would love to do it again. Mary