Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Monkeys!!!!

Monkeys are Here! Actually, they arrived a week or so ago....but my camera needed batteries....:)
Thank you, Cindy! What gorgeous socks! And, they fit perfectly! Cindy also spoiled me with a beautiful handmade embroidered monkey sock bag, a monkey punchbag, a coloring kit for my son, and some nice circs, patterns, and directions for knitting socks with 2 circs....I can't wait! The Crystal Palace Bunny Hop yarn will make nice sock for my niece. Again, Thanks Cindy! :)

My Amazing Package from Jen Arrived

This was waiting for me when I got home on Tuesday , I am just so thrilled, The socks are knitted with Socks that rock , colourway Down Pour ... how apt , it hasn't stopped raining for days .

Jen sent me merino sock wool which she has dyed herself, you can't really see the colour , but take it from me it is beautiful , a really useful pencil case ( it will live in my knitting bag with notions in ) , a loveable little monkey , monkey key ring and badge ..................KNITPICKS CIRCS .....aren't they GREAT ? , KNITPICKS NEEDLE GUAGE , and KNITPICKS SIZE thingies ... can you tell that I love Knitpicks ?

This has been such a fun swap , is there going to be a number 3 ? Thank you Rebecca for organising this swap . I apologise for the photographs, usually W takes them for me , usually outdoors, today I have taken them myself and have had to hunt around the house for bright spots , everywhere is so dark and gloomy today .The clock isn't usually on it's side , I can't figure out how to turn the photo round !

Thank you Jen , I adore everything , and the socks fit just as if they had been knitted for me LOL .

Friday, July 6, 2007

Hawaiian Monkeys


My upstream Monkey Pal was Joy and she spoiled me ROTTON! Stop on by my BLOG to get all the fun and colorful details with oodles and oodles of pictures!!

Thank you Joy... You are totally the best Spoiler a girl could want! I nominate you for the best MSSII Spoiler award!! She deserves it whole heartedly!!

My Goodies,

I am so sorry this is late, I wanted to share my goodies. The socks were perfect and I just loved all of the gifts. Thank you so much Cheryl you are wonderful swap partner.

? Monkey Swap 3?

Thanks so much Rebecca for taking charge of this swap x2. Is there going to be a 3? heeheee

Monday, July 2, 2007

Look what arrived in Tennessee...

My Monkey Sock Swap package arrived...and what a wonderful treat it turned out to be!
Knitted cell phone bag, monkey key chain, point protectors, row counter, and lots of good snacks

Monkey journal, bookmark, candle, stitch markers, and lovely recycled silk!

...and now for the wonderful, beautiful, exquisitely soft SOCKS!!!

My pal, Jeremy, is just the greatest, don't you think? I certainly do! Thanks, Jeremy, for all your hard work, the gorgeous socks, and for all the fantastic special goodies, too!


Monkeys Arrived In New Hampshire!

My monkeys are here, along with a lot of Monkey goodness! I was out of town this past week when the box arrived, and it was SO nice to come home to Monkeys! :) I'll post pictures later today. Thank you, Cindy!!!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Look what came!

Monkey Swap Package Received

After a long day at my daughter's water polo tournament I arrived home to find my monkey sock swap box waiting for me on the kitchen counter. Look at all the goodies Meghann sent (it took me a little investigation to figure out who my sender was because I only had a last name and return address). The monkey socks are a beautiful color and knit with a yarn thicker than what I used for my partner. I think the stitch pattern is even more defined with the thicker yarn. She also send several monkey goodies, a mirror, a candle, a monkey stamp and monkey thank you's. In the little tin are some beautiful stitch markers, perfect for small needles. I will be posting a picture of them on my blog along with more pics. Flash! My 21 year old daughter just walked off with the monkey candle and stamp. She is anmored with them. A big thank you to Meghann, your package is a hit!