Sunday, September 30, 2007

Monkey Sent

I just sent out my Monkey Pal's package. I had a little trouble with sending it though. I wrote the wrong zip code! duh! But all is well and I hope she will get it this week. We both live in the same state so, I be she will get it tomorrow since I sent it out on Friday morning. I can't wait to see if she likes all the goodies!

My Package Arrived!

I came home from work last night and what a great suprise under my carport! I have posted only one picture here, but to see more please go to my blog scappyhappy to see more of my wonderful package. Thank you so much pal!


So - I'm just about finished. (One on the blockers - 1/2 sock to go..) How do I obtain my pal's snail mail address? I'm afraid to email her for fear she'll discover who I am before the package arrives. Any suggestions? Also - how much stretch factor are you all figuring in? I'm using a cotton blend yarn & my pal's foot is larger than mine (by 2 shoe sizes). The finished sock seems so big to me.

Ah yes - the end is in sight!

~Heather R.


So many pretty monkeys. I'm beginning to feel like I'm slipping far far behind. How long do I have to finish these? :)

Also, no pictures yet, as all the batteries in the house are dead. poop!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I got bored

Well I got bored so I made this sock bag for my swap pal, I hope she likes it, The fabric doesn't have monkeys, but Lady bugs are fun too. :-)

Here is a picture of what it looks like on the inside :-)

MSS Update

Here are my monkeys, the picture is a couple days old, so the leg on the second sock is already done :0-) I hope to send the package up North next week or so.... Everything for the package is ready except the socks :-) I really hope that my pal likes them, there are very bright, the picture doesn't show their true beauty :-) I love the color and I have had a lot of complements on the color and the pattern. I am going to miss my monkeys when I set them free, but I look forward to bringing some new monkeys into my home when my package comes :-) :-) I love swaps, the anticipation is close to the same you feel on Christmas morning :-) Well happy knitting , have a good weekend.


I just finished the sock - today they were washed and now I have to wait for the requested pattern to send up my package! This were really fun to knit and I'll knit another pair for shure!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Swap Package Received! :)

Wow! I received my MSS3 package in record time! The package came yesterday while I was at work... actually while I was on my way out the door for my break! Had I known, I would've stuck around a few more minutes. *g* I came back and noticed one of the bigger boxes was for ME. And it wasn't WORK related! Rock on!

At first I wasn't sure what it was, but then I remembered the email I got that morning, telling me to expect the package today. Duh, Manda. :D

Inside was a lovely assortment of goodies:

Monkey Sock Swap

The socks, of course!! :) She used Phoenix Fiberworks Fetish Merino sock yarn in Victorian Violets (Ravelry Link, Etsy Link), and I have to say that the color couldn't scream "Manda" more! lol :)

Also included were the adorable sock monkey, Stretcho the Funky Monkey, a box of Puffs with a tumbling rollerblading monkey panel (very cool!), a Monkey notepad, a Mini Sunflower Garde, a pack of Goobers and BunchaCrunch, and the movie Dunston Checks In (LOL.. I haven't seen this movie in YEARS). Also included was the Twisted Flower by Cookie A, and a skein of the most scrumptious Sundara Yarn in Cobalt over Mediterranean.

Thank you, Monkey Sock Swap Pal! I've been supremely spoiled! :)
(also posted on my blog!)

Monkey swap mailed!

Mailed today, I had a lot of fun in this swap!

Me Too Me TOO!

I'm on Ravelry! It finally came!

My name there is myyarns.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

and we're done!

Knitting Monkey that is!

Here they are in all their uncolored glory, lol!
These are drying now and will mail asap!

My Monkey Goodies Came!!!!!! (last week)

My monkey package came in the mail last week!! Due to multiple technology difficulties I have not been able to show off my goodies... So here they are! My socks are beautiful. I wore them to work last Friday and showed them off. Thank you so much Laura! I love it all, even the little addition that your son sent (by the way I love his new hat).

To my pal, though I don't think you know who you are, your socks will be done soon and your package on it's way!

I'm moving my blog to It's a pretty background but not much else yet.


They're off. . .

. . .the needles.

. . .the blockers.

. . .to my pal tomorrow (shown below with just one of several little monkey pals).

I hope my pal likes them and that she's able to do a better job of capturing their true color on her blog.

This is my first swap, and it's been a lot of fun. Thanks, Rebecca, for organizing it so well, and thanks to everyone else for sharing your Monkeys. I look forward to seeing lots more.

Monkey Goodies arrived today

Look at all the goodies I received from my pal today! I was so spoiled, the socks are amazing ,the stitches are so neat and they fit perfectly, my pal is such a good knitter.

Also in my parcel are two monkey stitch markers, a monkey phone charm, two lots of lovely yarn (sockotta and "Skein queen" in violet pumpkin) both of which I love, two Cookie A patterns, 4 monkey magnets, a monkey badge, a packet of cheeky monkey tissues, a monkey bath fizzer in the shape of a cup cake and a Monkey pet that you grow grass out of his head, he's hidden behind the cute postcard, I have posted a picture of him on my blogg, he's so cute.

Thank you so much



I'm on Ravelry FINALLY!! YAY!

My screenname is knittinkitties :-)


Almost at the toe on my first monkey... I should have it done this evening! I am also using the Crystal Palace bamboo cotton. I love this yarn, despite the aforementioned splitting! I need to buy a few more monkey-related items and then finish the second sock and I'll be ready to mail!

1 Down, 1 To Go

I finished my first Monkey Sock last night. It turned out great. I am knitting it out of Panda Cotton by Crystal Palace. I had not used this yarn before and wanted to try it. I love the feel of it. It is heavier/thicker than I imagined, but that just means toasty feet. :o) The only thing I didn't like about it was that it doesn't have a real tight twist and tends to split alot, which made the SSK a real pain, but it is beautiful. I'm not going to give a finished picture yet, not until I get both done. I have sock #2 started. AND I have all my Monkey goodies bought.

I still have to buy the sock yarn and Cookie A pattern though. I was trying to wait for the new LYS, The Red Purl to open up, and buy from them. I just called and she is open starting today. She will actually be open until 9pm tonight, so I'm planning to stop on my way home. Can't wait to check out what she has in stock. Curious, Curious, Curious.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Flying Green Monkeys

I finished my pal's pair last night!


These will be winging their way to my pal's door in the morning!

Thank you LeslieJ!!!

Ok...I'll try one more time to post this. Because Blogger is misbehaving and IE is freezing I'm having a lot of trouble to say that:


Got these in the mail today:
Monkey Socks Swap

Monkey Socks Swap

Monkey Socks Swap

I loved everything.

Parcel posted this week.......................

Hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed doing it for you. :)

Items for Iva

Swap pal - Items sent today via USPS - no pictures on my page until I see them on yours. Have a great September.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

On their way!

I have finished my socks; collected monkey stuff; anguished over what Cookie pattern and yarn to send and finally boxed it all up and sent it off to my partner! (And forgot to take a picture of the final package!) Here are the finished pair,however. Knit in Wollmeise Spice Market. Loved the yarn and the colorway! They may be on their way to your house!!

This has been a wonderful swap for me. I LOVED the Monkey pattern and am looking forward to receiving my very own pair! Also looking forward to trying another of her patterns. Thanks for organizing this swap! I'll definitely do it again next time around!!

Happy Knitting to all!!

Finished and almost ready to go

I finished these on Monday and love how they came out. I hope my pal loves them too. I have all the goodies for my swap pal's package and am just waiting for the socks to dry. I'll most likely have it shipped by Friday. I had a great time knitting these socks for my pal and shopping for all the extras.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Finished Monkeys

Here they are!

Finished pair of Monkeys

The color is totally wrong in this picture though, just imagine a deeper color. Now I just have to decide which sock yarn to put in my package and it will be all set to go.

All Done!

I finished up my socks!! My dog was kind enough to pose with them.... Enjoy, they are off to be washed and blocked!
Now all I need are to pick out some goodies!!!

Don't Fret Monkey Buddy!

Hello Monkey Sockers: just wanted to let my monkey sock buddy know I'm slowly making progress - buried under pattern work - but promise your socks are growing. Monkey goodies have been acquired - very tempting, but put away safely. Thanks again to the organisers for sponsoring this swap. Mel from Oz.

Sock one done . . .

Second sock cast on, ribbing complete and starting the third repeat of the pattern. I wasn't sure I liked the way the color pooled when I got to the heel. Silly me . . . if I had thought about it, I would have realized that once the stitches were reduced, it would return to the same repeat as the leg. And, if you wish to know what the other side of the sock looks like, just mentally reverse the pink and purple ribbing with the wide bluish stripe at the foot. I'm a couple days behind where I wanted to be, but still anticipate sending this out with its accompanying treasures by the end of the week. I have a bit of work to do on another portion of my gift. Picked up a humorous addition on Saturday. This is too much fun . . . though, now I'm worried that my pal won't like the yarn I chose for her! But, when I think about myself, I can honestly say I've never seen a sock yarn I didn't like, so perhaps my pal will feel the same way. Back to clicking those needles . . . hope to get to the heel flap this evening. Knit on!


1 pair of monkey socks - check
buncha monkey stuff - check
Pattern - printed and sleeved - check
Yarn - will be ordered this week
munchies - have to buy more the kid/hubbie duo ate 'em, go to store AGAIN for munchies....

*mutters under breath* *shaking head so she doesn't shake family* double check

Bad Dog!

Happy Monday :( I walked into the kitchen this morning to find our puppy chewing on my knitting needles. I was so close to being finished. I don't want my pal to worry. I am headed to a retreat this week end have to go to Laramie on my way. Gee whiz just have to go to the yarn store ;)

Monkey's leaving!

These monkey's are headed to the Midwest. Happy landings!!

Monkeys are on their way

I mailed my monkey package this morning. If you want to see the socks and the monkey extras, you will find them here

take a look and let me know what you think.

This was great fun, seeing all the socks in different colours and yarns. I would love to sign up again when Monkey Swap 5 comes around.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Monkey #1 Done!

One lonely little monkey done! He is waiting for his sister to be cast on and knit. I like this pattern a lot but can't seem to memorize it for the life of me. The yarn in Zen Yarn Garden's 100% Superwash Merino Wool in the Zima colorway. Boy is it soft! Now on to #2!

Monkey News

Yesterday me and the monkey's went and to Starbucks, enjoyed a coffee and watched the rain.....

Then, this morning the first monkey was finished, as you can see George was very happy to hold them for me while I took the picture. :-) One down, one to go. :-) Happy Sunday!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I got my partners sock yarn and some more goodies today :-)

Monkeys packed up and ready to go

My monkey socks, wool, pattern and goodies are all boxed up and ready for there long trip to the US. I have really enjoyed this swap and hope there will be many more. Happy Knitting everyone. Sheryl

See what we started!!!! Requests..................

After I had finished my pal's Monkeys my 3 year old son fetched a cake of KPPPM from my Stash and demanded a pair of the Monkeys for him. I had to adapt the pattern to fit to a much smaller foot but isn't it really cute!! See what we started.............REQUESTS :D

Friday, September 21, 2007

Eenie Meenie. . .

Oh, I don't know. Knitting one of each was supposed to make it easier. Didn't quite work out that way.

What can I say? I like both of them. These are prewashing/preblocking pictures, and the color isn't quite right on either. In each case, the colors are deeper, richer, and more varied than is shown. The red, especially, is off as it has more berry tones to it and is a little less of a retina burner -- well, just a little less.

I'm leaning towards the blue, but that might be because crazy variegation isn't my thing. However, as far as that goes, the red yarn works really well. I'm also very pleased that there's no major pooling or flashing in either case since that's what turns me off some variegated yarns.

So does anyone out there have any thoughts on this? Hey, you never know, you just might be selecting your own socks!

Dear Monkey Pal

I'm sad. I haven't heard from you since you left a comment on my blog at the end of August. I'm pretty sure that gmail is the culprit (I did find in my spam folder the e-card you sent me at the beginning of this swap, but about a week too late.)

Like I said, I'm pretty sure it's gmail and not that you've forgotten about me.

If you read this, and I really hope you do, please try this address from now on: Let's hope yahoo doesn't have as strict spam regulations as gmail does.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Technology can be cruel!

My DH is having a garage sale, so my lunch hour was spent giving him a lunch break. My order from Little Knits is scheduled to arrive today, and I know that delivery is usually around 2:00PM. I kind of lingered, ran an errand in the neighborhood, and drove by the house on my way back to the office. Time was 2:04PM. Just for the heck of it, when I got back in the office, I checked the delivery status, and learned that the package was delivered at 2:10PM. That knowledge, of course, has caused my office clock to nearly quit moving at all. I'm sure that it's been at least seven hours and 12 minutes since I got back to the office, but the clock says two hours. I just can't wait to get home and fondle those beautiful yarns. I had to take a break from my sock knitting to finish a pair of mittens for a charity auction tomorrow evening. Just about 1 inch on the thumb of the second mitten, and it's back to my pal's lovely Monkeys. Have the other monkey-themed goodies carefully stacked on a little side table. My mind is starting to tick over other items that could be added . . . if I responded to all those ideas, I'd have to have a POD delivered! Hope all have a pleasant weekend!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Purl 4, knit to last 4....purl some more

I worked super hard on my first sock and knocked it out in one week. I eagerly casted on for the second sock, finshed the ribbing and then I stopped. I confess that I am in love with my new crush Ravelry.... are you there? Please find me, knitkimberknit anywho back to socks...

Here is a picture in Black and white. I dont want my secret Pal knowing what colors the yarns are.... maybe eventually I will get around to posting on my own blog....

If I can ever leave Ravelry that is.

Will my Frog ever become Monkeys?

I'm just about to give up! I've frogged my monkey's about 7 times now and am about ready to give up! I just am so scared that November will come and I will have nothing to show for my partner other than her yarn and her treats. I'm so sad!! Just needed to vent!

Monkeys finished for my pal....................

I really hope my pal likes these, the yarn is hand painted merino by Kirsty of Piece of Beauty. Kirsty is a Scottish Indie dyer to dye for. This yarn is discontinued but you get other georgeous yarns from her. I used this colourway because my pal loves this colour. :) I will be parceling it all up this weekend with some monkey bits and pieces and the yarn and pattern of course :D

Good Deed for the Day

So, did any of you catch the fact that the Knitty pattern lists the needle size as US2/2.5mm? US2 is 2.75mm, for anyone who hasn't memorized the conversions. I e-mailed Cookie (started these socks MUCH later than most of you!) and the correct size is US1.5/2.5mm, or whatever gives you gauge, which is the US1.5 for me. So I'm trying to get Knitty and Ravelry to correct their incorrect needle listings, but we'll see how that goes.

Also, here is my progress. I'd started Tuesday afternoon and I'm amazed at how fast these socks are flying off the needles as the last socks I'd used them for were 80 stitch count socks for an 11" foot!

I hope my Pal likes these! Not quite the dominant color it seemed while in the skein, but I think she'll like them anyway!


i got this little guy for my buddy!!

I'm jealous! :-P


Monkey Update

Hi everyone! Just a quick note to say that my Monkeys are anxiously awaiting the trip to their intended owner. Got a few more things that I want to add to the package and it will off...I'm not posting any pictures because I don't want to give the surprise away. This has been so much fun! I'm finding myself looking for Monkey Stuff in every store that I go in now. Funny how when you are not looking for something that you see it everywhere. I hope that there is another Monkey Swap after this...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Off to the Rodeo!

We are off to a Rodeo in Kaycee Wyoming this week end. By the time my pal gets her socks they will be very well traveled. A few more goodies and then it is Monkey time!

Monkeys Spotted!

FYI Y'all

If you live near Borders, they're selling monkey stuff. I saw some cute stuffed animals and some pencil holders and such. I think I might want to give my buddy something fluffier for the stuffed animals but the other things were super cute. Check it out if you're looking for some ideas.


No monkeying around

I want to wish all my friends a Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Arrr Matey's!

stick a fork in me

I'm done! The monkeys are having a little bath right now and I hope to have the package in the mail this weekend. And then the looooong wait until my pal gets them. I can't wait!!!!

Bamboo Monkey in Progress

After ripping off twice, my Monkey is now knitting up nicely. :-)
More details in my blog...

On a long trip

I just started my monkey socks this morning, when I had to go on a long trip for my job. I have once a month to travel 7 hours for a 3 hours meeting! This was just the perfect day to start on the socks - wasn't it?

I decided on this hand-dyed merino superwash-sock yarn as the colours should fit my pals preferences and as I thought they were just perfect for pal-socks!

I had a nice trip while knitting, making notes for the meeting and listening to some podcasts!

So I hope, that between those who like this colours - is my Pal :-))

All Done!

Well, my Monkey socks are done; I have all of my monkey items purchased plus the pattern and yarn, so I'll be getting my box off to my swap partner in just a few days! I've had so much fun with this swap! I've just been knitting socks for a very short time, so I was a little nervous about it all, but am SO glad that I signed up. The pattern was a pleasure to knit and boosted my confidence in the whole sock knitting arena! I can't wait to make more Monkey socks as well as trying other patterns I once thought too difficult. I sure hope my partner enjoys her socks. They are knit with Wollmeise in the Spice Market colorway. I admit, they are going to be hard to part with!!!

The good and bad of technology!

I'm anxiously awaiting delivery of my swap yarns (and a couple for me). I'm able to track the package, but I'm not sure that it's a good thing. I just looked up my tracking number, and note that the package left Seattle enroute to the midwest . . . by ground . . . it's somewhere in a truck, all cold and lonely. I hope there are others of its' kind on the trip! I had to make a brief pause in my knitting to finish a pair of mittens I promised for a charity auction. I should finish those this evening, and be back on track on my Monkey swap pair. The package tracker indicates scheduled delivery by Friday. So, I'm still on target with my quest to send out my package the first part of the week. But, I want my yarn NOW! Where is that Scotty with his beam when you need him? "Wonka-vision" might have done it, except for its' propensity for shrinking everything. Back to waiting . . . thank goodness I have my knitting to keep me calm!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

and they're off!

My package has been shipped to my Monkey Pal- she should have it by tomorrow or Thursday!

it went WEST of me....and that could be a LOT of places.

I was bummed with only one thing...the item I MOST wanted to send to her (not telling what it is because it would totally give me away to her) was not in stock at any of the uniform stores around here, and I couldn't find anything like it!


But, Isaac (my DS) picked out something for her...and tossed it in...and he's

but it's on its way!

Monkey # 1 - raring to go!

I finished my first monkey at the weekend - hoorah! I'm not going to post a picture as it'll give away the surprise, but suffice to say it is rather funky! I hope it fits - my foot is longer than my pal's and it fits me with a bit of stretch, so I think it'll be ok.

Just cast on for the second one, and off on holiday in a couple of days so I'll have plenty of knitting time, and hopefully will pick up some monkey goodies along the way.

This pattern is terribly bad though - it has made me want to knit all of Cookie A.'s socks - I'm taking some Drops Alpaca in a gorgeous leaf green colour and the Pomatomus pattern with me next week - I'm up for the challenge!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Moving Right Along

Wow - so many of you are finished & getting ready to mail away! I'm so jealous - but it's just what I need to kick myself into higher gear. Just so my pal doesn't think she's been abandoned, here's a sneak peek:No worry about SSS - I'm working on the monkey's 2 at a time. My goal is to have them ready to ship south (hint) by next weekend.

Happy Knitting to All!


The socks are done and the box is packed up with goodies to send off to my pal! These socks are wicked addictive. I have started a smaller pair for my daughter and another pair for myself =) Pics of the package goodies on by blog. (Pardon the dog bum, she thinks she needs to be involved in all pictures)

Yahooo!!! - All Monkey Out!!!!

I finished the Monkey Socks last week, and picked up the last of my monkey treats today. I will take pictures (blog posting after I know the package has reached it's final destination), tie everything up with pretty ribbons and take the box to the post office. I should have it in the mail soon Monkey Pal, sometime this week for sure, and then the agonizing wait to hear if it has arrived safe and sound.

She Touched My Monkey!

Well, she touched YOUR monkey... This photo will be traveling with the socks in the photo to one of you!!
She said they were very nice monkeys!!

Cookie A pattern secured!

I remember seeing a couple weeks back that someone was facing a $22 shipping charge for her order of a Cookie A. pattern. I hope she was directed to Cookie A's website to order a download. My new security software at home has issues with Pay Pal, so I had to order from the office, but I was able to download, and forward the pattern to my home. Hopefully, she was able to resolve her problem.
I'm just two rows from the heel on my pal's first sock in a Merino yarn. Hopefully, I will finish it and the second sock about the time my yarn order arrives. I'm gathering my treats in a little heap, and hope to be ready to send everything the first part of next week. This is too much fun!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

One lone monkey wondering the bleak and dreary world


This poor monkey is waiting while I work on other things for its mate. It is remiss because God made all things to be mated and paired together. "Why can't I have a mate?" Stamping its foot it wonders off to explore its surroundings.

The poor little monkey is baffled. It had been informed during the making that it would dwell in a land of mountains covered by purple majesty. "Well all I see is fog and dreariness," said the monkey, " Where am I?" Unbeknownst to the little guy, he was dreaming of his home. He lived there while he was a skein.

Having some fun now!

Merino wool on US size 1's in a colorway called "Rocky Mountain Dusk". (Sorry, I can't get the picture to rotate.) At first, I was afraid the yarn would not do justice to the pattern, but it's coming along nicely. Just two more repeats before beginning the heel. Still battling my computer security and trying to send a secret pal e-mail. I'm giving it one more try before just sending an e-mail with my return on it, just so my pal doesn't feel like an orphan. Other items are enroute and I intend to pack them all up in about a week to send them off. This is such fun!

Stripes are matching!

Well, I'm down to the last foot of my pair. They came out pretty good. The stripes are actually matching without a whole lot of thought on my behalf. I just needed to line up the second sock in the same way. Luckily the stripes are behaving and I didn't have to put them away for a bit. Still have a couple of more things to plan and do and then I will be ready to mail these babies to their new home. Since they are wool, it's a good thing they are go to the north where it is cold! LOL Happy knitting all!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Almost Done!

My monkey socks are almost done for my Monkey pal. I have never used the tofutsies before and I can't say it is my favorite yarn, but it is very soft. It has a tendency to split and I found myself unraveling to pick up a split stitch. I love the color which my camera has not justice to. It is a little richer with the hot pink....I have found some really precious monkey things which I won't reveal here. Just a little hint....these Monkey socks have travel many miles each day as I knit in the morning and the evening...ummmm.....could I be one of those crazy commuters?

Tree Frog Monkey's

Finished Monkey's
Sunshine Yarn, 100% merino superwash
Tree Frog Colourway
I hope my monkey pal likes them.

Laura's Status

Here's a pic of the first monkey!!

The kind of yarn I'm using, which shall remain anonymous, is making me upset...I'm going to need a third skein for just a little bit to complete the socks. Oh well. They'll be super comfy though! I hope she likes them!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Decisions, decisions

Arghhh!! Well, it shouldn't surprise me that while other people are finishing their socks, I'm still fretting over colors. I've narrowed it down to these two skeins. In each case, the colors appear a little brighter and less complex in the photograph than they actually are. The red has more color variation than shown, especially berry, violet/blue, and maroon tones; and the blue skein doesn't really have those "electric" spots, and the darkest spots take on some teal tones.

Any suggestions as to which I should use -- thoughts, anyone?

I'd just go for it, but I'm waiting for some needles that should show up Monday or Tuesday. The actual knitting won't begin until next week. Fortunately, I'm a fairly speedy knitter, so my pal shouldn't worry that she'll be biting her nails and running anxiously for the mail box every day until the end of October.

Other than that, thanks to everyone for posting pictures of their socks in progress. It just goes to show that no matter what yarn you use, this pattern will keep it looking fabulous. There's nothing more frustrating than having beautiful yarn and a pattern that doesn't do it justice.

Looking forward to seeing more Monkeys!

And They're Done!

The one on the right was the 2nd sock and I like it's color line up better, but oh well. I have to stop being so anal about my knitting, including how stripes line up on socks. Sometimes it's ok if they're fraternal. (Please tell me it's really ok?)

I should have these and the goodies ready to mail out by early next week!
Well I havent been working on my monkey socks in a couple days because I have been working on my hemlockring blanket, but I will work on them this weekend and get at least one done. I love everyone's socks, the look great!!! Well Happy sock making this weekend :-)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Going Bananas

Two cuffs done! I love this colorway. It is called wild sunflowers by skinny duets. I just could not resist the monkey and banana colors. This is my first monkey sock and it is so fun to knit. Every one's socks are so beautiful.