Friday, September 7, 2007

monkey on monkey

The first sock for my pal is finished. Here's the Librarian modelling the sock:

He seems pretty happy with it.


scappyhappy said...

I love all these socks everyone is knitting. Wow ....I want them all! I am sinking into Monkey sock hording! LOL I have got to get my swap partners posted. I am getting so into this...I am finding all kinds of silly little monkey stuff....I need to choose from all this "ekekekek" madness...(that is my monkey talk)!

Chelle and Maylee said...

*points the stack of Pratchett books and says ook ook* I love the socks and the Librarian, just please for the love of fiber don't call him a monkey. He tends to go apes**&t whenever that happens, orangutans are very sensitive :-)