Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monkey Sock Progress

So here is the progress on my first sock. I have a total of 3 repeats completed. It is moving along very well. The label is a bit blurry, but I am using Panda Cotton by Crystal Palace it is a mix of Cotton, Bamboo, and Elastic Nylon. It feels real nice. The color scheme, which is Picnic, (Pink, Purple, Lime and a very light Orange)is a bit more vibrant than what you see in the picture. I really like the way this is turning out and will have to get some more of this to make myself a pair. I can't wait to get them done, so I can send them off to my Monkey Pal. I already have one of her gifts and have plans for several more. You know how it is when your looking for 'just' the right thing. Still looking, but I have ideas.

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Cheryl said...

I have made a pair in that yarn, it is delicious. You will end up with very very litle leftover yarn so don't worry as you get to the end. I did the standard number of repeats on leg, one less on foot.