Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good Deed for the Day

So, did any of you catch the fact that the Knitty pattern lists the needle size as US2/2.5mm? US2 is 2.75mm, for anyone who hasn't memorized the conversions. I e-mailed Cookie (started these socks MUCH later than most of you!) and the correct size is US1.5/2.5mm, or whatever gives you gauge, which is the US1.5 for me. So I'm trying to get Knitty and Ravelry to correct their incorrect needle listings, but we'll see how that goes.

Also, here is my progress. I'd started Tuesday afternoon and I'm amazed at how fast these socks are flying off the needles as the last socks I'd used them for were 80 stitch count socks for an 11" foot!

I hope my Pal likes these! Not quite the dominant color it seemed while in the skein, but I think she'll like them anyway!


Ariadne's Thread said...

Interesting about the intended needle size....To me, though, the size 2s are correct. I have a 9.25" foot, and I made perfectly-fitting Monkeys for myself in Socks that Rock Lightweight on 2.75 mm Inox dpns. Maybe size 1s are right for you strange small-footed folk. :-)

Courtney said...

:-) Socks are coming out very nice.. :-) Great job