Saturday, September 29, 2007

MSS Update

Here are my monkeys, the picture is a couple days old, so the leg on the second sock is already done :0-) I hope to send the package up North next week or so.... Everything for the package is ready except the socks :-) I really hope that my pal likes them, there are very bright, the picture doesn't show their true beauty :-) I love the color and I have had a lot of complements on the color and the pattern. I am going to miss my monkeys when I set them free, but I look forward to bringing some new monkeys into my home when my package comes :-) :-) I love swaps, the anticipation is close to the same you feel on Christmas morning :-) Well happy knitting , have a good weekend.


Cheryl said...


Arctic Knitter said...

They are beautiful! I'm sure your pal will love them!

gilraen said...

They are georgeous indeed! No wonder you get compliments about them :)