Thursday, September 27, 2007

Monkey Goodies arrived today

Look at all the goodies I received from my pal today! I was so spoiled, the socks are amazing ,the stitches are so neat and they fit perfectly, my pal is such a good knitter.

Also in my parcel are two monkey stitch markers, a monkey phone charm, two lots of lovely yarn (sockotta and "Skein queen" in violet pumpkin) both of which I love, two Cookie A patterns, 4 monkey magnets, a monkey badge, a packet of cheeky monkey tissues, a monkey bath fizzer in the shape of a cup cake and a Monkey pet that you grow grass out of his head, he's hidden behind the cute postcard, I have posted a picture of him on my blogg, he's so cute.

Thank you so much



Courtney said...

That is a very nice package :-) I wanted to look on your blog, but there is no link :-(

gilraen said...

I'm really glad you liked your parcel. Sheryl is Martina's blog name on the link list :)