Friday, March 28, 2008

monkeying around

I've turned the heel on the first sock:

I am using Araucania Ranco (col 110 mauve). It's my first experience with this yarn and I love the colour. I hope everyone is having fun knitting their monkeys.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Found my first Monkey treasure!

Was out running around yesterday evening, gathering items for my card club event at my house tonight, and I stumbled across the first "treasure" for my Monkey pal. I just love it! Hope she will, too!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I have found the perfect yarn for my Pal's are the stats
73% Superwash MERINO/20% Silk/15% Nylon/2% Genuine Silver

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pals Assigned

Good Morning Monkey Pals,

I just wanted to let you know that everyone has been assigned their Monkey Pal. Give me a shout if you are missing yours!

Gather up your needles and yarn for the monkey fun is about to begin.

I think Round FOUR is going to be the best one yet!


P.S. If I have assigned you a pal but your name is not in the sidebar let me know.

Little Knits has a sale!

I thought you would all want to know . . . I've purchased lots of wonderful yarns from them. I just got a notice this morning that Little Knits have a half-price sale on Brown Sheep Wildfoote, and Regia sock yarns. I haven't tried the Wildfoote, but have heard good things about it. I would be happy to receive a skein of it from my pal!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Monkey Pals

Hi Monkeys!

I have started assigning Monkey Pals and there are a few of you who have not yet posted your Monkey Questionnaires.

I have tentatively placed you with a Monkey Pal but need to verify your questionnaire in the event that you have changed some things since our last round.

For the rest of you waiting.......I'm typing as fast as I can and you will have your Monkey Pal very soon!


Pal Info?

Do you who have already started knitting have your pal information? Am I missing something, because I do not know yet who I am supposed to be knitting for. Did I delete something by mistake? If so, dear swap Mom, will you resend the information to me? Thank you!!!

Progress Made

I've casted on and have knitted the firsts lace repeat. Looking good. I decided to use Tofutsies yarn. I wanted a light weight yarn that my pal could wear even during the spring. Now to start the Monkey hunt.

Questionnaire is Up!

Hello to all! My questionnaire is up on my blog and my needles are ready to roll. I can't wait to start monkeying around again...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Discount for Monkey Swap 4 Participants

I'd like to offer a 10% discount to all Monkey Swap 4 participants at my shop, Yarny Goodness. I'm at:

Yarny Goodness

Since I'm not set up yet to do discounts through the shopping cart, please check out up to the point where you would pay for your purchase. DON'T pay for it - send me an email at:

and put "MS4" in either the subject line or the body of the email. I'll then invoice you for the total minus the discount.

Thank you, and have a wonderful swap!

Monkey Business

Good morning my faithful Monkey Pals!

As you can see from the sidebar, we are having quite a few enthusiastic faithful knitters signing up for Monkey Sock Swap FOUR!

I am adding you to the sidebar and my contact list as I process you in. As of now, everyone who has contacted me has been added to the sidebar. If you do not see your name in the sidebar, please email me for I have overlooked your email.

Also, please check your link to make sure I have your blog address correct.

I will be working on the Questionnaire today and emailing it out tonight. I've had a few attachment 'issues' with gmail so I've decided to ask you guys to post the questionnaire on your blogs. I'm hesitant to do so because I know that will generate interest in the swap from the outside and I'll get some inquiries that I will have to turn down - oh well!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Monkey Sock Swap FOUR

I am contemplating running MONKEY SOCK SWAP FOUR from April 1 - May 15th.

This round will only be open to those who have participated in another round and have been faithful to spoil their last Monkey Pal.

Please let me know if you think you might be interested in participating. Please do not sign up if you have caused monkey sadness with past pals. I want this to be a FUN swap with no abandoned monkies so one requirement I ask of you is to provide the name of your last Monkey Pal as a reference.

There is a link on the sidebar to my email address.

Your ever faithful Monkey Hostess,

Monday, March 10, 2008

Any word

Any word on if there will be another Monkey Swap this year? I liked the idea of being invited bearing the fact that you were a good swapee...

Anyone have any info?