Thursday, May 31, 2007


Hey I'm having a little contest over at my blog. Go on over and check it out.

Silky Green Monkey Socks

Donna craft personal photos 160

Here is a pic of my monkey socks in progress. I am finally happy with the way these are working out. The yarn is Brooks Farms. It is a 60 wool 20 silk 20 viscose blend. Nice to work with, but a tiny bit splitty. I am using size 1 knit pics cirs. I think my pal will like these. They are quite soft. Well have a good day everyone.

Seriously Weird Experience............

Today we went to a small town which was at the centre of the civil war here . Many half timbered houses had plaques , King Charles stayed at one glorious house, Prince Rupert was also there .. I wandered off and found myself in a little maze of shops , many dating from the 17 th century . I was enjoying the mostly untouched architecture when I saw a little ' haberdashers ' , between 2 larger shops . The inside was something out of Dickens , and there, right there was the exact wool I needed for my pal .... I couldn't believe it , it is botany wool ( I haven't seen that for years ) , weighed in ounces ! , and individually wrapped in cellophane , this was a shop from my childhood , even the smell of pure wool ( mmmmm ) , I bought the wool (put into an old fashioned brown paper bag ) and left . Ever since , I feel that I have been in a time warp and I hope that I can find the shop again , it didn't even take credit cards !!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where's the Monkeys?

Where has everyone been finding their super cool monkey items to send along with the socks for this swap? I am making good progress on the socks, but I am still really lacking in monkey items. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to leave a comment with tips to help out those of us who are still on the monkey hunt. Christa

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

so i finished my socks...

and here they are! they're made from white willow yarn found on etsy in the avalanche colorway. the yarn was incredibly soft and knit up so beautifully i bought another skein of the same colorway for my own socks. these little guys are on their way to being blocked right now.

i'm worried if my pal will like them. aah the pressure!!!


Monday, May 28, 2007

One down, one to go...

First Monkey done!

Help Please ............

I have a problem , the one colour my pal mentioned , cannot be got ' for love nor money ' , I have tried everywhere including e-bay , I am not giving up yet , but , in the meantime, and knowing that she likes strong colours , I have started two pairs of socks , but , which colour ????? One colourway is called falling leaves , it has all of the autumnal colours and is hand painted merino .

The other yarn I bought on a Greek Island , I was totally seduced by the colours under the strong Meditteranean sun , they were almost jewel like ( they look a lot different under a grey British sky ) , I don't know what the yarn is made from , my Greek is non existant and the little Greek lady just shrugged her shoulders at my mime of a sheep , so ....... which colour do you think ? also , can any body tell me where to get the fantastic sock blockers that are springing up all over ? I am amazed at all of the fantastic knitting going on and having great fun trying to track down monkeys .

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Got My Monkeys!!!

This afternoon I got a huge package from the mail carrier. I ripped right into and it took 4 pictures to capture all of the goodness. Dawn was my pal and she did a wonderful job on the socks. The yarn is beautiful and they fit perfect. As you can see I put them right on my feet.

Here is the first picture of monkey goodness...Here is the second pic - look at that cute lotion dispenser.

Here is a great new knitting carry bag - I love this fish with the cute monkey fabric. This is so cute...I'll be using this one for one of my many on the go projects.
Finally this tea towel, that I'm using as a little table cloth display because it is just too darn cute.

Thank you so much Dawn - you totally spoiled me and I love everything. You did a great job on the socks and I will always love wearing them. Also big thank you to Rebecca for hosting.

~ Madame Purl

My progress...

I'm actually a bit past the gusset now, but this shows it off beautifully. The yarn is wonderful.

I'm going a little slower than I'd like given that I am putting together a sock package for my new niece (born Wednesday) and her big brother...the baby socks are done but the toddler socks are going painfully slow. Been working on them for a week and I still haven't finished the first one! I can do a whole adult sock faster than that!!

Friday, May 25, 2007


So I tried to make monkeys out of this yarn, but it was to wild. But my pal likes wild. So would it be improper to send this to her, in a yarn cake? I bought this thinking of her, but it was well to much.

This is the yarn that I dyed for her to keep as a gift. But if I send the first one should I leave this one out? Just include one of them or both of them. What would you do? What would you like?

One monkey down, one to go...

I just finished this monkey sock today. It actually went by fairly quickly. This time I used my Knits Picks size 1 circular needles (2.5mm). Now I just have to finish the second sock.

One Orange Monkey

Sorry for the little blur, I didn't change the MP setting....anywho, this is one of my favorite stash yarns....I have been holding it for a special project and since orange is one of my top three favorite colors it will be hard to let them go. But I know my pal will love them and treat them with kindness so I will be happy to send them along. The other sock is through the heel. When I locate the yarn info I will post, it was an Etsy purchase. It is glorious....actually I think they are local to me......

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One Little Monkey Sitting In a Tree...

One Monkey completed....second is cast on!

Monday, May 21, 2007

2 monkey - no feet!

The 2 monkeys are done for the leg, now I have to start on the feet. So far, it has gone well and I love the yarn. It is Jawoll Cotton by Lang. I found some more to order from! Ended up ordering 8 skeins (4 colors) since I love this yarn so much! Now I still have to make a very "conscious" decision to send these to my partner. It is going to be hard! I also finished my big surprise for her today, so everything is together and just need to finish these little guys! Happy knitting all!

Dirty monkeys are back!

The dirty monkeys are growing! They aren't really dirty, know what I mean. Well here they are... they are even showing you their "tail"!

This is only have a repeat. So still a long way to go. Is anyone else getting ladders in the purl stitches? I think I'm going to have to change to circs.

*Edit*- I learned how to knit magic loop from here. Hubbie bought me a book, but the video is so much better. I'm a visual learner here people.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Monkey 1

So the first Monkey sock is all done. I've cast on the second and am nearly through the ribbing. I was surprised at how quickly I got the pattern memorized. What a fun knit! I've done the heel in "Eye of Partridge" which is cushy and looks fab with variegated or stripey yarns and I've changed the toe such that I decreased 6 every other row and then 5 every row and was left with 20 to kitchener.

Ribbit...Ribbit...I've frogged half my Monkey :)

"Frogged half my Monkey"...that sounds kind of weird, huh? But I did. Lesson learned. :)
I was merrily knitting my Monkey on #2 dpns with Koigu, as that gave me my gauge so the sock would fit the recipient. I switched to #1s for the heel and just kept knitting....oops....
Funny thing is...I was hurrying myself, and didn't LOOK at the whole sock...AND as I was ready to Kitchener the toe...I said...OH MY...IT LOOKS LIKE AN ELF'S SOCK! (the foot of the sock, that is).
Did you know it takes only 2 minutes to frog half a sock, that took hours to knit? Many of you already know this, but this was my first time. :)
So...I've switched back to the correct needles, and my secret pal will have socks that fit!
I'm home from church with a sick 8 yr old, so I'll have a few hours to catch up on my knitting. :)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm in love!

After much debate and opinions from here, I thought I had the right yarn. Then I walked into an LYS and found this. As soon as I saw it, a bell rang! I could see the design already. Then after some knitting, I fell in love! I wonder if it is rude to ask my partner, if she doesn't like them, to send them back? LOL I really think she is going to love them. They feel wonderful now! Now I just have to find more of this yarn. The LYS only had 2 skeins, so I am out of luck on a pair for me! Going hunting on the internet. Happy knitting all!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Monkey Update

That's about it! I changed needle size from #2 dpns to #1...I like the stitch definition better. Other than that, all is going well...I'm a bit further on the foot now.

Socks on the needles

I realized I really needed to get a move-on with my socks since I'm having surgery next week and am not sure how long I'll be unable to knit afterwards. I'm using this brown/green/blue Lorna's Laces. The color transitions are really entertaining and I'm finding the pattern a snap to knit. I'm ready for the heel flap today and I imagine I'll make some good progress on it since there's significant waiting room time coming up when I go and get blood drawn for preop testing. (Don't worry, it's just some minor sinus surgery.)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hawaiian Monkey One Package Pics!

I had blogged here a few days ago to tell you that my wonderful Monkey Swap One package had arrived...but here are the photos! Beautiful, beautiful soft in Cider Moon's Icicle fingering yarn...yummy milk chocolate macadamia nuts, monkey fabric (too cool..this will be sewn into a sock bag for me!), a monkey bowl, monkey stickers, addi circulars AND the Magic Loop book, AND IZ!!!!! My FAVORITE!!!! I've been truly spoiled by Debbie...and wanted to share my package with you. Happy Knitting, Monkey Friends!

Monkey Sock in a Tree!

This bad little monkey in soft Koigu is having a difficult time in this azalea bush! Thus...the tangled mess. The monkey now has all 6 repeats of the Monkey pattern, and I'm about to start the heel flap...the color is much nicer in person!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The yarn...

This is Socks That Rock Mediumweight. The colors are actually a little deeper than the photo shows. I am working on some baby socks now (baby niece due in 2 weeks) and plan to cast on for the Monkeys this weekend! Woo!

Also, I have 2 of the 3 Monkey related items. Fun :)


Just checking in to show the progress of my monkeys! This is the first time I have knit this pattern, and I really like it so far. I hope my pal likes them too. I forget what yarn this is. I pulled it out of the stash. I have the ball band somewhere and will locate it when it comes time to mail the socks. Loving the yarns I have seen so far on here, and can not wait to see which ones I end up with! Have a nice everyone.

Donna craft personal photos 145

Monday, May 14, 2007

I Have Decided

I was having a problem deciding which yarn to knit and which yarn to send...I have finally decided and have cast on, I can't show the progress as my pal will figure it out right away....sorry....just know I am knitting away...when I am done, I will let my pal post the pics. Meanwhile I will keep secret track on my on my blog when I am done.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Work it...

Work it!

Show me you love the monkeys!

Work it!

Give me monkey love!


Dirty Monkey!

Friday, May 11, 2007

getting primate-y in here!

hmm, what arrived on my doorstep yesterday afternoon? well, a lot of things, but the important one was... cherry tree hill supersock in fall foliage. oh MAN, this is some of the softest, most beautiful, most scrumptiously delicious yarn i've ever seen. it also, conveniently, contains all of my monkey pal's favourite colours.

yep, just as pretty when it's in a ball...

and even prettier once it's become the first four repeats of a monkey sock! (the colours look a little dark in this picture)

oh, monkey pal, you're soon going to have some pretty colors to wear, that will be absolutely luscious on your feet!

(x-posted to monkey sock swap and the pixie punk knits!)

Monkey Sock Swap One SOCKS ARE HERE!!!

Monkey Countdown: 18 Days Until Son's High School/Homeschool Graduation!
Now, the Monkey Sock Swap News!
I received a wonderful surprise from Debbie, who was my secret Monkey Pal from the first swap. I knew I'd be receiving my socks a wee bit later than the others...and it was SO worth the wait!!!!
I'll post pictures this weekend, but these are the MOST softest and beautifully knit socks I've ever fact, these are the FIRST socks that someone else knit for me. They fit perfectly. More blogging to come in a few days, AFTER the high school drama production this weekend, which I'm very involved in this week. Thank you so very much, Debbie! Your thoughtfulness, your gifts (more on that later, with the pics), your gorgeous socks, and kindness are most appreciated.
To the rest: Knit On! Happy knitting to you...
Kris in NH

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Progress Pics

here's the start of my pal's first monkey sock, all four sides so you can see how cool the yarn is striping :) this is three repeats of the pattern into it so far.

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting.....

Yarn is picked, but I'm waiting on it. There was a slight snafu with my Cider Moon order and the ladies there have the BEST customer service and I should have my yarn very soon. Can't WAIT to start these socks!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Monkey Do

I have narrowed down my yarn selection, have my Monkey items and other sundries and just need to knit the socks...

Blue.. Is this for you?

Do you like the color blue?

Did you say shaded or varigated?

I've selected your yarn and started your Monkey socks and they are coming along smoothly... pictures to come sooner than later!

I'm enjoying looking for the monkey items and am even having a friend make something custom monkey made! Does that make sense? Anyhooooo... I better have her make two or you just may have to fight me for it! LOL!

Happy knitting everyone!

Ann K.


just a hint of what I have been up to for the past few days.

Embroidered Sock Monkey

I am so excited. I found an embroidered sock monkey for my Brother embroidery machine....oh boy is my partner going to love what I am making for her! This is going to be soooo much fun! I just know it! Happy knitting all! :)

hurry up, mailman!

i ordered the PERFECT yarn for my secret monkey pal.. it's all of her favourite colours together in a beautiful blend! now if the mailman would just get it here! i know it's been mailed already...

in the meantime, i'm working on an om yoga mat bag (snb nation), a pair of RPMs (one is finished) and a pair of queen of cups (one is finished), and some other assorted stuff, including stitch markers. pics of what i'm working on, and a stitch marker giveaway on my blog currently.

monkey is just such a great pattern, i can't wait to get back to it! though i have to say, i love queen of cups and rpm both. yay for knitty sock patterns!

The yarn...

Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in Girly Stripe (Fuchsia,Purple)

Let the monkey sock knitting begin!!! And the plus was I already had the yarn.

Sock yarn opinion please

Well I was only supposed to pick up....ummm.....enough to do a pair of monkey socks, but look what jumped into my basket! LOL Anyways, this is what I picked up:
Cascade Bulky Fixation - Royal Blue
Cascade Bulky Fixation - varigated
Tofutsies (which I love knitting socks with)
Trampoline Stretch
Now for your opinion. I've never done this pattern before although it was on my list to do. Not sure which of these yarns will work the best. I'm sure my partner will love which ever one I do as the colors are all beautiful, but what do you all think? Comments, please! Thanks much, Cindy


I had the perfect yarn in my stash and had been looking forward to using it since its so lovely! its Lorna's Lace's Shepherd's Socks in Sweetie. I cast on the first sock last night at my knitting group.

Monday, May 7, 2007


It's been busy around my house and I haven't had time to post yet. I'm so excited about Monkey socks!!! I was in the Knittyboard sock exchange and made Monkey socks for my partner.....a super fun pattern. Ordered my yarn the other day....yummy Cider Moon sock yarn in their new Superfly colorway, I think my partner will like it a lot! Can't wait to get started!

Monkeys bought but no yarn yet

Hi all, well after a big search, the monkey stuff is bought. Now I just have to go to my LYS to pick up some yarn to begin my socks! I hope she has a good selection in so I can pick out something very very pretty for my "partner". I know I had a question, but for the life of me I can't remember (age catching up? LOL). Anyways, will post pics of the yarn as soon as I find some. Happy knitting all!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

I am just loving this!

Everyone is so nice here. I am seriously just loving this swap. But is it usually this quiet? How was everyones weekend?


The yarn has been selected and the pattern has been printed. Now, I just need to sit down and do it. HEHE!! Anyway, I'm quite excited about doing this swap and the socks in general. I just wondering if anyone has tried to change the pattern to be knit toe-up. I usually knit socks toe-up, but they're usually my own random design.

Monkey Socks...I have the Perfect Yarn!

It's SO quiet on this blog this weekend! I went to my wonderful LYS yesterday morning, and bought some wonderful sock yarn...sigh...none for me...and will be casting on my secret monkey's socks VERY soon. :)

Friday, May 4, 2007

I cheated...

Yes, you read it right. I cheated. I went to the zoo and bought some of my monkey things. But this morning I looked at them and one of them is a gorilla and the other is a different type of monkey. Do those count? Or do I need "MONKEY' things? I am at this moment trying to decide on which yarn to use. When I get a chance to post a pic I will. Monkey on everyone!


Just wanted to check in and say hello fellow Monkey Pals! I am really looking forward to this swap. I already have yarn picked out. I just need to get started and look for Monkey Things.

Monkey Business

Dear Monkeys,

I'm leaving town today and will be out of pocket for 12 days. I'm off to see both daughters' graduate from college and to help them move to where they have accepted employment. Whooo! Hoo!

I will try to check the blog and my emails whenever I can, however I am going to be busy, busy, busy!

There are still a few Monkey Packages that have not landed. Please post pictures when you get them and also, let me know they have been received.

And lastly, I have one potential Monkey who has not ever contacted her pal and will not respond to emails nor blog posts. This lady was sent a package and never emailed the sender. Should she flake on her Monkey Pal, do I have a few Monkey Angels out there who might be willing to help me put a package together for the sad monkey? I'm going to give the gal until I get back from my trip to get in touch with either me or her Monkey Pal.

Get blogging ladies! You have all become so Q-U-I-E-T