Sunday, May 20, 2007

Monkey 1

So the first Monkey sock is all done. I've cast on the second and am nearly through the ribbing. I was surprised at how quickly I got the pattern memorized. What a fun knit! I've done the heel in "Eye of Partridge" which is cushy and looks fab with variegated or stripey yarns and I've changed the toe such that I decreased 6 every other row and then 5 every row and was left with 20 to kitchener.


Rebecca said...

Oh Julie! Your MONKEY SOCK is beautiful. I really have enjoyed this pattern.

Julie said...

Thanks Rebecca! I have to admit, I always enjoy how Lorna's knits up and have yet to find a pattern I don't like it in.

Mary said...

Julie I love the color. I have had a hard time picking colors for the monkey socks so I stuck to solids. Mary