Friday, May 25, 2007


So I tried to make monkeys out of this yarn, but it was to wild. But my pal likes wild. So would it be improper to send this to her, in a yarn cake? I bought this thinking of her, but it was well to much.

This is the yarn that I dyed for her to keep as a gift. But if I send the first one should I leave this one out? Just include one of them or both of them. What would you do? What would you like?


pixieriot said...

Oh man, that "wild" yarn is AWESOME! I totally love the colours in the yarn you dyed, too. You've got a great eye for colour.

I find I usually lean toward sending too much stuff to my pal in swaps, but I'm not sure how others are about it. :-P

Cheryl said...

I always am overly generous...I see nothing wrong with sending anything your heart desires. I love the too wild yarn. My DH gave me a yarn dyeing kit...I haven't attempted it yet...your yarn is amazing

Michelle said...

I always send too much too....but I really enjoy giving. I'm the one who, at Christmas, is more excited to see people open what I gave them than to open my own stuff!

Both yarns are wonderful, by the way.