Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ribbit...Ribbit...I've frogged half my Monkey :)

"Frogged half my Monkey"...that sounds kind of weird, huh? But I did. Lesson learned. :)
I was merrily knitting my Monkey on #2 dpns with Koigu, as that gave me my gauge so the sock would fit the recipient. I switched to #1s for the heel and just kept knitting....oops....
Funny thing is...I was hurrying myself, and didn't LOOK at the whole sock...AND as I was ready to Kitchener the toe...I said...OH MY...IT LOOKS LIKE AN ELF'S SOCK! (the foot of the sock, that is).
Did you know it takes only 2 minutes to frog half a sock, that took hours to knit? Many of you already know this, but this was my first time. :)
So...I've switched back to the correct needles, and my secret pal will have socks that fit!
I'm home from church with a sick 8 yr old, so I'll have a few hours to catch up on my knitting. :)

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Rebecca said...

So sorry about the frogging. It is part of the whole adventure. The yarn-over thing takes a bit of getting used to. Hang in there!