Saturday, May 26, 2007

Got My Monkeys!!!

This afternoon I got a huge package from the mail carrier. I ripped right into and it took 4 pictures to capture all of the goodness. Dawn was my pal and she did a wonderful job on the socks. The yarn is beautiful and they fit perfect. As you can see I put them right on my feet.

Here is the first picture of monkey goodness...Here is the second pic - look at that cute lotion dispenser.

Here is a great new knitting carry bag - I love this fish with the cute monkey fabric. This is so cute...I'll be using this one for one of my many on the go projects.
Finally this tea towel, that I'm using as a little table cloth display because it is just too darn cute.

Thank you so much Dawn - you totally spoiled me and I love everything. You did a great job on the socks and I will always love wearing them. Also big thank you to Rebecca for hosting.

~ Madame Purl


Anonymous said...

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you liked everything. My mom and I made the bag, I did the cutting and she did the sewing, I am a terrible seamstress.

Angela Marie said...

I love that bag!!! Now I want to sew one. Just have to find the pattern.