Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sock yarn opinion please

Well I was only supposed to pick up....ummm.....enough to do a pair of monkey socks, but look what jumped into my basket! LOL Anyways, this is what I picked up:
Cascade Bulky Fixation - Royal Blue
Cascade Bulky Fixation - varigated
Tofutsies (which I love knitting socks with)
Trampoline Stretch
Now for your opinion. I've never done this pattern before although it was on my list to do. Not sure which of these yarns will work the best. I'm sure my partner will love which ever one I do as the colors are all beautiful, but what do you all think? Comments, please! Thanks much, Cindy


Cheryl said...

OPAL!!! Though they are all very pretty

Angela Marie said...

Opal!!! I like the colors.

Rebecca said...

Once, twice, thrice.........OPAL!

"Schnauzermum" said...

They're all pretty...umm...4th...Opal, and Tofutsies is nice yarn, too...but Opal screams to be knitted! :)

Meghann said...

I'll be the voice of disagreement....I like the Trampoline Stretch.....the colors are so pretty!

cindybmw2004 said...

Maybe it's me, but I was thinking that the opal was a self-striping yarn. Wasn't sure how that would work on the Monkey pattern. It may not be, guess I will have to cast on and see it. Thanks all for your opinion.

"Schnauzermum" said...

good point about the Opal! I'm not sure, either. I haven't tried Tofutsies yet myself, but it was so soft when I felt a sock knitted in it at the LYS! Have fun!

Michelle said...

I would be afraid that the Opal would obscure the pattern, though it is great yarn.

I vote for the Tofutsies. The colors would be perfect for Monkey (and I'm not just saying that because I love purple)!