Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Monkey Business - SWAP TWO BEGINS

May 1 has finally arrived and we have now officially begun MONKEY SWAP TWO!

I would like to welcome all of you to this fun swap. I have visited each one of your blogs and, from reading them, have discovered that you are all a wonderful group of knitters. I'm excited to be hosting this swap for you and I hope it brings you many smiles and lots of fun.

The Monkey Sock pattern that we are using is in sidebar. There are also links to everyone's blogs in the sidebar under Monkey Swap Two Pals. If your link does not work or is missing, please let me know.

Take time to visit your fellow monkeys and post on their blogs....especially YOUR Monkey Pal. Don't be a stranger to the pal you are spoiling. Take time to read your pal's blog and get to know her. I'm hoping you will forge friendships that will continue long after the swap is over. That being said, you should be posting on your own blog, too! And, of course, you can communicate with your pal using your anonymous email account.

Please post pictures of your sock progress and, most importantly of the package you receive from your pal. We ALL want to see what you were spoiled with! Great communication makes a great swap.

Package contents must include the following items:

  1. Handknit Monkey Socks
  2. Knitting gadget
  3. Three Monkey Items

Your pal has given you her preferences on her Monkey Swap Questionnaire. She has not given you her shipping address. You will need to contact her yourself for this. If there is anything else you would like to include in your pal's package that is purely optional.

Packages can me mailed as soon as they are ready to go. They need to be in your Monkey Pal's hands by June 15th so please plan accordingly.

And lastly, there are still packages from Monkey Swap ONE being received so don't panic if tomorrow you see package pictures posted in the next few days. Those aren't early birds but pokey packages.

Send me an email if, at any point, you have questions or concerns.

Have fun!


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