Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm in love!

After much debate and opinions from here, I thought I had the right yarn. Then I walked into an LYS and found this. As soon as I saw it, a bell rang! I could see the design already. Then after some knitting, I fell in love! I wonder if it is rude to ask my partner, if she doesn't like them, to send them back? LOL I really think she is going to love them. They feel wonderful now! Now I just have to find more of this yarn. The LYS only had 2 skeins, so I am out of luck on a pair for me! Going hunting on the internet. Happy knitting all!


"Schnauzermum" said...

It's absolutely gorgeous yarn...what is it? It looks like a dream to work with!

Rebecca said...

Try EBAY. Very pretty yarn. I have some of that brand (not that color) in my stash and it is indeed very soft.