Thursday, December 27, 2007

Monkey Sock Wrap-Up

I have been working with several of you stranded Monkeys privately and contacting participants who have not sent their packages and left their pals stranded. Just to make sure that I have not overlooked anyone who has not received a package, PLEASE EMAIL ME. The names you use for Blogger do not always line up with my list of your real names and I have no way of figuring out who you are.

Please touch base with me. I have a list of angels who have volunteered to help out. And, if you are not on my angel list and would like to help please let me know.

Monkey Sock Swap THREE Hostess

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Christmas day I opened my Monkey swap package from Caryn. She sent me a bag of Hershey's kisses, a lovely lunch box with monkeys on it which will make a great small project (such as socks) carrier, monkey magnetic bookmarks, the Thelonious Cookie A sock pattern and some lovely yarn to knit socks with. The socks had no label indicating what type of yarn it is super wash or not, with or without nylon, yardage or the name of the yarn. So if anyone knows please tell me. It is lovely yarn BUT I would like to know what it is.
Only there were NO MONKEY SOCKS included in the package.
She did mention in an email she would send them when she finished them as soon as she could but since she is not answering my emails I don’t know if she is still working on them or not.
I am thankful I received something when I know others have had partners who totally flaked on them. I wrote my partner when I received my package and sent her another email today but she hasn't answered either. I hope things have settled down for her from the last time she emailed me. I checked her blog and she has not put an entry in since Sept. This first photo shows the goodies I received from Caryn.
This is a close up of the yarn I received.
I had a lot of fun making the socks for my pal and purchasing goodies for my pal as a lot of the fun is in the giving as much as the receiving and I was looking was looking forward to the next Monkey swap. Now I am not so sure after reading that so many people have been left high and dry I guess I am just leery but I really would like to join the next swap if there is one.
There will be more of other swap packages I opened on Christmas day on my blog shortly.


Have arrived, and I'm happy to announce that I happily volunteered to take on two that posted today. I hope there wasn't more members needing angels?? Anyone else? Perhaps another member would love to contribute. :)

Rosie Loves Me!

I finally got a moment to open my package from Rosie and I'm so excited! She sent me beautiful bright Lorna's Laces sock yarn, the Mona Cookie A. pattern and great monkey goodies. Cocktail swizzle sticks, a notepad, a ring, a stuffed monkey with magnetic hands & feet and monkey chopsticks (I think!). Everything was wrapped in funky monkey paper too. She's not done knitting my socks yet, but will send them along as soon as she's finished. Thank you Rosie for sending everything else. As you know, I was feeling like I didn't want to participate in a swap again. You've renewed my faith in swaps! I love everything!

Angels in need?

I haven't seen the swap host post in a really long while, I beleive angels are needed here.

Maybe a list of everyone whom did not receive their Monkey swap package?

Or simply, reply here, I was looking through posts and some received and need to be sure its accurate to date.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Still No Monkeys

I'm still waiting patiently for my Monkeys to arrive. I haven't heard from my pal in awhile.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Guilty Monkey Swapper

I confess I am one of the Monkey Swappers who has yet to finish her pal's socks. I've been working on them really, but it seems that every few days our new baby presents us with greater challenges and there just aren't enough hours in the day to shower let alone knit. I've apologized to my pal (ReneƩ) but I know she's disappointed (I would be too). I did send out all of her treats including yarn and pattern but I can't apologize enough. For those of you out there still waiting on your packages I am sure that there are good reasons for the delays and that your spoilers probably feel as terrible as I do.

I finally opened my Monkey package from my spoiler Kristy. The socks are amazing and all the treats, including the yarn and pattern selection, are amazing. I especially love the handmade card. Kristy included a copy of the adventures of Curious George which I look forward to reading to the baby. Here are some pics:

Thank you so much Kristy!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I am also waiting to receive my monkey package. My pal did write a couple of weeks ago to say she was going to be sending me a partial package. I couldn't really understand if she has just not completed the socks or if they were even started. BUT nothing has arrived yet. The mail has been very slow coming to Canada due to the Christmas mail and also all the items Canadians seem to be buying off ebay. I have several other outstanding packages due which I gather are being held up for the same reason. So I just continue to hope my monkey swap package arrives soon.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Monkey Packages from Angels

Thank you Frieda, Evelyn, Leslie, and Esther for the quick delivery of my packages.

I received my first one from Frieda with this little monkey. His name is Hoodwinked. I think this is an appropriate name since my pal bailed.

Monkey sock swap - monkey angel

The last three pals came in a flourish.

Monkey Pal Swap 3 - complete angel package

The socks were such a lovely color. I tried them on immediately and ignored the fact that they were too long and a bit big. I really wanted to wear them, but alas they slipped and slid too much. They fit churchable to a T. I hope he wears them since he told me not to make socks with holes in them for him.

Monkey Pal Swap 3 - angel socks

I did not seem to get any yarn so I don't know if I have another angel hiding somewhere. I am happy with what I got so don't worry people. Thanks again. you guys were fast and very generous.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Monkey Dognapped! Almost...

Dear Monkey Socksters: my faith has been restored re the internet swappage after receiving THE KEWLEST monkey sock pack from my EXTRA SUPER SECRET PAL Lori -- ooops? *grin*

I opened the box slowly to prolong the FIRST swap experience. And it was worth the wait! Thank you so very much for the total yarnie goodness. Knittery burnt orange cashmere merino!!! Cherry Tree Hill Fall Foliage!!! Whatknot Sock in Arbor II, which is GAWJUS. And did I mention the perfectly-fitting Monkies in Raspberry Twist from All Things Heather????

I got so excited, I forgot to artfully arrange my box contents! Included in the package were a Curious George pencil set, a cute little plastic monkey, a lovely bag to hold my monkey socks, some very nice smelly stuff to keep bugs outta stash, a pretty card, a Cookie A. patt., some Soak wash (oooh!) and a toy monkey.

Went to answer my phone. Came back and someone has moved my monkey. When I went to put it away, it was sopping wet!!! Yes, that's right, Lyta, the Kelpiweiller princess had tried to kidnap my monkey! I guess it's delicious. And yes, I did get told off for taking cute little monkey away. Needless to say, the little white monkey is safely out of reach of Rotty jaws now.

Thank you so very much monkey sock buddy! Full photo show at my blog, strandedinoz. And thanks again to Rebecca for hosting.

Monkey Hostess Spoiled

Your Monkey Hostess has been spoiled again! Moirae sent me a WONDERFUL package! There were SO MANY goodies in the package that I could not take only one picture --- so.... I present a slide show.............

THANK YOU, Stephania! Monkeys make me happy and so do YOU!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nothing Yet

I have yet to receive my package. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival. Everyone is receiving wonderful monkeys and I keep wondering where's mine?

Waiting to Open My Package

Thank you Kristy for my Monkey package. I haven't opened it yet because I want to wait until I send out my secret pal's box of goodies -- it seems like the only fair thing to do. But I'm almost ready to ship my Monkeys out and I can't wait to see you've put together for me. Thank you for your hard work. I will post pics immediately. Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2007


Part of your angel package shipped today :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My monkeys have arrived. They are so much more than beautiful, I can't even say. And my super secret, amazingly sneaky, completely able to keep a secret, most amazing and wonderful pal is the best a girl can have! Pictures and info will be on my blog. I just couldn't wait to say thank you to my sock pal for the fantastic spoiling (and I DO MEAN SPOILING!!!) and forging a wonderful friendship. I'm truly blessed.

Kellie :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

My awesome swap package

My awesome swap package came on Tuesday from our swap hostess, Rebecca. You can read more about it here. It included the wonderful socks, some monkeys, hand-made sock blockers, Lorna's Laces and the Gothic Spires pattern.

Thanks again Rebecca and thanks for running such a great swap.

Awesome Sauce Socks

I had an excellent surprise waiting for me when I got home -- this package from my Monkey Sock Swap pal! Thank you so much Melissa! Everything is beautiful and I can't wait till I'm finished with Christmas knitting to get a start on Rhiannon.

The socks fit me absolutely perfectly, which can sometimes be a challenge since I have pretty big feet. Everything in the package is adorable. An awesome monkey vinyl bag with a wallet pocket, hot cocoa (just in time for the cold weather), a spa set (with slippers) and slipper socks to keep my toes warm. There's so much stuff (for a more filled in of everything check the notes on flickr)!

This was the first swap I've received something from and it was really amazing! Thanks you so much for being such an awesome swap pal!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Monkey Socks in the House!


Thank you for an fabulous monkey sock swap package! Just awesometastic! I'll post pics on my blog soon.

They arrived!

My Monkey Swap package arrived yesterday and it's great! The socks are a perfect fit and in the perfect colors (They're so nice I don't really want to take them off anymore lol). Sarah sent me all these nice presents including a nice hank of hand dyed wool with the name Adventurous Plum. More of my ravings are on my blog

Saturday, November 10, 2007

They've arrived!

I went to the sorting office and picked up my Monkey package today. Thank you Angela!

The box contained lots of goodies, including an amazing dishcloth with a monkey knitted into it. I've only been able to find white or ecru dishcloth cotton in the UK, but they are far more colourful in the States. What an incentive to keep my kitchen clean! There is a cool Monkey stick puppet kit (how did Angela know I have a weakness for funky foam?) a Monkey bag and some luscious Lorna's Laces in Daffodil. Again, a blinding choice in colours! the postcard shows a map of Oregon, where Angela lives. (I've just realised I could have included a postcard of Northwich in my parcel for my Monkey Pal AJ. As it was, I forgot to include the lengthy letter I had written, like the true idiot I am. Sorry AJ!)

Inside the box were some stitch markers including a monkey one. Inside the bag were gorgeous purple Monkey socks. They feel so soft!

Thank you Angela!


My Monkey's have arrived!

Look what I got in the mail yesterday! My Monkey's travelled all the way across the U.S. From the Pacific to the Atlantic. Thank you Heather! I love everything & the socks fit perfectly! Love the colors too! I also got a skein of Mountain Colors Weaver's Wool (love this stuff) in the color Maria's Falls, a CD with 3 Cookie A patterns, none of which I already had, a little bobble head monkey, a candle, a bar of really good smelling soap, a bag to carry around by knitting project in & a mug that's not pictured because I'm drinking out of it. Thank you so much Heather! You are a great pal!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Got my package!

I received a great package from Keely today. I'll be posting the goodies on my blog in the next couple of days.

I Got a Box of Monkeys!

I received the most wonderful box from the best Monkey Pal ever, ANA! Along with my Monkey socks, which are gorgeous in my favorite colors of pinks, blues and violets, I got Cookie A.'s Flickr pattern and some beautiful Seacoast Handpainted Yarn in -- guess what color -- pinks, violets, blues and greens! I can't wait to knit my socks!

Monkey goodies were aplenty as I unwrapped package after package. I got some adorable stitch markers, a darling notebook, some bookmarks, a monkey tape measurer, a pin, some Snickers bars (my favorite!), and the cutest ever bag in a bright yellow, green, white and brown monkey pattern. I'm tellin' ya, I have been richly spoiled! Thank you so much, Ana! The thought you put into my package was enormous, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

I promise I'll get pictures of my yummy goodies up either here or my blog, or both, over the weekend. Since the time change, I leave for work in the dark and don't get home until after dark. Oh, and to make matters worse, I broke my arm last Sunday. It was a clean break and should heal neatly in 6-8 weeks but, in the meantime, no knitting! And, typing with one hand sucks big time!

Thanks again, Ana, for being a marvelous monkey pal!!!


Monkey Pics!

Thanks again Stacey!
You'll notice that the Strawberry Newtons are missing... and also the "Superstar" pin. The Newtons are loooong gone and my daughter is wearing the pin to school today.

Monkey Package Received

Thank you so much Esther for a great MSS3 Package. Pics and details can be found on my blog.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

MonkeyMonkey !!

I have received my monkeys. I seriously LOOOOOOOVE them. Thanks Stacey K for doing such a great job and sending such great items!!

I will be posting pictures on my blog soon!



I got my awesome monkey package today! My pal, Mary, spoiled the pants off me!

Kitties and Monkeys
Here's a photo of Monkey (complete with adoring kitty).

Monkey Loot!

Here's a photo of the loot! Amazing Monkey socks(of course), stitch markers, monkey Pez, stationery with yo-yo, pine linen spray, gorgeous pink beads, "wobble" monkey, Mohair yarn from Wind Dance Ranch, Mona by Cookie A., and beautiful yarn hand painted by Mary herself! There are more photos on my blog.

It's good to be me!
Thank you Mary!

Heather M.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The monkey's have landed!

I got my monkeys! I love my monkey's, I love everything about it. Iva put so much time and thought into my package. I got monkey stitch markers, a Curious George doll, puzzle and book, a stress ball, some pez, Online sock yarn in a very cool color. I am so glad I did this. I hope that Becky Sue is as happy when she gets her package.

My Monkey's Arrived!

I got the most wonderful package in the mail yesterday from Beck! (And just in time with the weather turning cold and my toes in need of more yummy hand knit socks!!) The colorway is perfect and all the fun extras made me smile from the inside out! I will have more details on my blog in the next few days once my life settles down a bit... This has been a very fun swap. A big Thank-You to those who organized it! Looking forward to another Monkey swap in the future!

Thank you Chelle

I received the most scrumptious socks from Chelle, they are from one of my favorite yarns. Please check them out on my blog The entire package was glorious.

I hope my pal enjoys her spoils as much.

Monday, November 5, 2007

A Monkey Kind Of Day

Clearly, all of the monkey's have been trying to get to their new homes as I received mine today as well! Not only did I receive the beautiful socks, currently warming my toes, but a funny book (called Sock Monkey Dreams - daily life at the red heel monkey shelter, I'm already laughing just at the title!), a notions container (metal, very cool), a monkey key chain, some needle tip holders, a row counter, some very pretty yarn from ellens half pint farm in greens/blues (love it!) and the sock pattern I was hankering for - Flicker. But I also received (like that wasn't enough, Kim?) my very own sock monkey who has found a spot for himself on my bookcase in the office. Everything was packaged in a big orange bag and also wrapped in tissue. I am floored and so appreciative, thank you very much Kim!!

Thanks to Emma A.

Ok, this is the 3rd time trying to post!
Thank you so much to Emma for my great monkey package. I love the socks (green Koigu), they fit; so nice and soft :). Also received barrel of monkeys, sock monkey ornament, ink monkey drawing, great yellow yarn (banana) and Cookie A pattern.
Thanks for a great swap package Emma!!

Mine arrived too!!!!

my monkey swap aprcel arrived on saturday from Eve!!! The socks are brilliant, and I'm sooooooo pleased with them! Thanks Eve:-)

Monkeys Received!

I received my Monkey from the post office on Friday, I apologize for the delay in posting. Firstly, I want to give a huge round of applause and many, many thank yous to Ronnie. She had to try to get a package ready for a girl (me) with a long list of allergies and no LYS in her area during the Royal Mail postal strike. She pulled it off and I have a pair of Monkey socks of my very own and some really cute goodies. Ronnie also knit the cutest ballerina Monkey, which is now owned by my 12 yr. old who was very happy to claim it as her own and allow me to view it (due to some allergens of mine), as well as a gorgeous blue silk scarf for me! I can't wait to knit up Cookie A's Twisted Flower, which was the pattern in the package along with a whole bunch of other goodies :-D Look my yarn monkey is helping knit the Central Park Hoodie for NaKniSweMo.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Thanks Margie

I just love my Monkey's and all their friends!

Monkey's are on their way!


I know I am a little behind the times getting your stuff out. I'm sorry. My father has been sick with lung cancer, and my daughter has been very demanding. I promise that you will be getting your socks on Tuesday or Wednesday (they don't have far to go). I hope you like them. I am sad to see them go, they are very cool. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


I am over the moon! I finally got to open my parcel on Friday afternoon after carrying it around in my car all day (it's a long story, read my blog for details). I ended up ripping open the package at a lys in front of customers, a fellow Raveller visiting from England, and a few others. The first thing I unwrapped were my Monkey socks and I put one on right away.

I have never experienced STR before and now I have a pair of beautiful socks. I am jealous no more (another story that you'll have to read about on my blog). And here's all the goodies that were in the parcel:

So many great things - the Thelonius pattern, monkey lip balm, some notecards, a small calendar, a Monkey project bag, enough sock yarn for TWO pairs of socks (LL Shepherd Sock in Black Purl and Louet Gems in Violet), and last but not least, some adorable monkey stitch markers. One of them is holding a teeny tiny banana!

So I would like to thank my pal who is still anonymous to me. The note in the package told me to email them when I received my goodies (I have) to find out their identity. But I haven't heard back yet. So many many thanks to A. B. in California. I hope to find out who you are soon!

ETA: My Monkey pal is Manda! Thanks, Manda!