Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I got my awesome monkey package today! My pal, Mary, spoiled the pants off me!

Kitties and Monkeys
Here's a photo of Monkey (complete with adoring kitty).

Monkey Loot!

Here's a photo of the loot! Amazing Monkey socks(of course), stitch markers, monkey Pez, stationery with yo-yo, pine linen spray, gorgeous pink beads, "wobble" monkey, Mohair yarn from Wind Dance Ranch, Mona by Cookie A., and beautiful yarn hand painted by Mary herself! There are more photos on my blog.

It's good to be me!
Thank you Mary!

Heather M.


Stranded In Oz said...

What a beautiful pair of monkey socks. Your cat is right! Love the colours.

Mary said...

I am glad you like them.That is a very fun pattern

lessno said...

i love the colors of these Monkey socks: really vivid and fresh!