Friday, November 23, 2007

Monkey Dognapped! Almost...

Dear Monkey Socksters: my faith has been restored re the internet swappage after receiving THE KEWLEST monkey sock pack from my EXTRA SUPER SECRET PAL Lori -- ooops? *grin*

I opened the box slowly to prolong the FIRST swap experience. And it was worth the wait! Thank you so very much for the total yarnie goodness. Knittery burnt orange cashmere merino!!! Cherry Tree Hill Fall Foliage!!! Whatknot Sock in Arbor II, which is GAWJUS. And did I mention the perfectly-fitting Monkies in Raspberry Twist from All Things Heather????

I got so excited, I forgot to artfully arrange my box contents! Included in the package were a Curious George pencil set, a cute little plastic monkey, a lovely bag to hold my monkey socks, some very nice smelly stuff to keep bugs outta stash, a pretty card, a Cookie A. patt., some Soak wash (oooh!) and a toy monkey.

Went to answer my phone. Came back and someone has moved my monkey. When I went to put it away, it was sopping wet!!! Yes, that's right, Lyta, the Kelpiweiller princess had tried to kidnap my monkey! I guess it's delicious. And yes, I did get told off for taking cute little monkey away. Needless to say, the little white monkey is safely out of reach of Rotty jaws now.

Thank you so very much monkey sock buddy! Full photo show at my blog, strandedinoz. And thanks again to Rebecca for hosting.


Yarnbeans said...

Oh, they fit! I was worried!

Stranded In Oz said...

Fit very nicely - and yes, I have elf feet. At least that is what my GIANT partner Richard says.