Saturday, November 3, 2007


I am over the moon! I finally got to open my parcel on Friday afternoon after carrying it around in my car all day (it's a long story, read my blog for details). I ended up ripping open the package at a lys in front of customers, a fellow Raveller visiting from England, and a few others. The first thing I unwrapped were my Monkey socks and I put one on right away.

I have never experienced STR before and now I have a pair of beautiful socks. I am jealous no more (another story that you'll have to read about on my blog). And here's all the goodies that were in the parcel:

So many great things - the Thelonius pattern, monkey lip balm, some notecards, a small calendar, a Monkey project bag, enough sock yarn for TWO pairs of socks (LL Shepherd Sock in Black Purl and Louet Gems in Violet), and last but not least, some adorable monkey stitch markers. One of them is holding a teeny tiny banana!

So I would like to thank my pal who is still anonymous to me. The note in the package told me to email them when I received my goodies (I have) to find out their identity. But I haven't heard back yet. So many many thanks to A. B. in California. I hope to find out who you are soon!

ETA: My Monkey pal is Manda! Thanks, Manda!

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