Monday, November 5, 2007

A Monkey Kind Of Day

Clearly, all of the monkey's have been trying to get to their new homes as I received mine today as well! Not only did I receive the beautiful socks, currently warming my toes, but a funny book (called Sock Monkey Dreams - daily life at the red heel monkey shelter, I'm already laughing just at the title!), a notions container (metal, very cool), a monkey key chain, some needle tip holders, a row counter, some very pretty yarn from ellens half pint farm in greens/blues (love it!) and the sock pattern I was hankering for - Flicker. But I also received (like that wasn't enough, Kim?) my very own sock monkey who has found a spot for himself on my bookcase in the office. Everything was packaged in a big orange bag and also wrapped in tissue. I am floored and so appreciative, thank you very much Kim!!

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