Sunday, November 25, 2007

Monkey Packages from Angels

Thank you Frieda, Evelyn, Leslie, and Esther for the quick delivery of my packages.

I received my first one from Frieda with this little monkey. His name is Hoodwinked. I think this is an appropriate name since my pal bailed.

Monkey sock swap - monkey angel

The last three pals came in a flourish.

Monkey Pal Swap 3 - complete angel package

The socks were such a lovely color. I tried them on immediately and ignored the fact that they were too long and a bit big. I really wanted to wear them, but alas they slipped and slid too much. They fit churchable to a T. I hope he wears them since he told me not to make socks with holes in them for him.

Monkey Pal Swap 3 - angel socks

I did not seem to get any yarn so I don't know if I have another angel hiding somewhere. I am happy with what I got so don't worry people. Thanks again. you guys were fast and very generous.

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cindybmw2004 said...

That is so nice of the angels to do that. I still haven't received anything, but my secret pal said they were coming. I'm hoping it is a customs thing from what she has written. Enjoy what you got! :)