Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Well I havent herd from my Monkey pal in a while... So I hope all is going well, i am sure it is... I have been anxiously waiting for the arrival of my new little monkeys :-) I have the day off today so at 11am when the mail is delivered I will hop over to the Post Office to see if there is a key in my box :-)

Wearing my Monkeys for Halloween

My monkey socks arrived on Monday, and wow they couldn't be more perfect for Halloween. The socks were knitted in Posh Yarn's Lucia (30% cashmere, 70% merino) by my wonderful monkey pal Claudia, the colour is Bergamot.
I can't thank Claudia enough for her generous package and my amazing "pumpkin" monkeys, which I will be wearing all day, they fit like a dream in width, length and most importantly around my leg (no to tight and yes they do stay up - love that).

I will post more pictures tomorrow on my blog.

Forgive me Sandy- I am so late posting

Look what I got. After a visit to my daughter, I came home to this wonderful surprise. Many little monkey treats- a coin purse made from a monkey sock,a chimpanzee keyring and a stuffed baby monkey. A copy of the Thelonius pattern for my winter wish list of projects. I think I need new glasses before I tackle that chart though. Sandy found out I love lighthouses and sent me a new calendar for 2008. Do you see that yellow fabric item- I bet you nurses know what that is- Sandy, a crafty seamstress and quilter as well, fabricated a stethoscope cover from a cute monkey fabric. The kids at school love it( and so do I). The luscious yarn is Artyarn- ultramerino in teals,turquiose and purples- it smells wonderful too. Something is missing you say? Wondered when you pick up on that. When I put those warm and toasty monkey socks on- I just couldn't take them off. So here they are in all of their glory. Thanks for all of your hard work, Sandy. I loved everything. You are a great swap pal. PS- How could I forget the little silky bag of bigelow teas tied off with royal purple stitch markers.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another Hopeful Monkeyer

I hear you Tricotine: my package was received last week - always a worry when you're talking overseas post. Thank you to my buddy for her email to let me know she got her package. Much relief on my end. Of course, I am anxiously awaiting photos on the blog. Yes, I was an idiot and in my excitement to meet the deadline, I mailed the whole thing off without taking a photo on this end! Ieeeeeeeee. Ok, so you experienced swappers can have a good chuckle at my expense. I am green from the photos of sock buddies wearing their gorgous monkies. From my pov, the real fun comes from seeing what everyone has made. Too right!  

Hopeful Monkey...

My Monkey package was sent to my partner last week, and I am pleased to know that she got it yesterday (confirmation delivery). I am now waiting to hear from her and about what she thinks of it. I am especially anxious to know if she likes the socks... ;-)

Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm at the toe! I'm AT THE TOE!

Okay, so, I'm at the toe...of the SECOND sock. Which is amazing considering how busy this month as been (midterms, papers, LSAT courses). Tonight, I will finish the second sock, block them, and send them out tomorrow to my pal! Praise the Knitting Gods!

It came today!!!!!

I posted before but some how my post dissappear when I tried editing, bah

More details on my blog,

Thank you so much, Penny!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I finished my Monkeys, but I've had problems uploading this photo. Some of you may remember a long time ago I posted about how I wasn't sure about the yarn - well I love it! It is from one of my favourite indy dyers,, in "Delilah".

I shall be sad to see them go...

Bowled over by Monkeys

Isn't this just the most wonderful package ,I am really so lucky , the socks are a perfect fit . thank you Frieda, more photos on my blog , just love everything ....

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Goody Goody Gumdrop

Look at all the goodies that showed up at my house. More info is available on my blog I wanted to say thank you again to Heather! You're the best!
Laura L.

Going out Monday Monkeys

That is all I have to say... I LOVE them and hope my Pal will as well.....

Patiently waiting.....

NOT! :-) :-) I cant wait to get my monkey sock package... I keep going to the P.O.Box hoping for my package :-) :-) I cant wait :-)

Friday, October 26, 2007

HELP! Please Walk Me Through the Heel Flap

I've finally been able to set aside some time to knit now that the baby is napping but mama brain is in full effect and I don't understand the heel flap instructions on the Monkey pattern. If anyone out there has the time, could you walk me through it? I could just muddle through the pattern but I'm trying to finish these up this weekend and I don't want to mess up and have to unravel and restart. Thanks in advance my Monkey friends.

Monkeys Revealed!!

I received my package from Kary in Oklahoma last night. I absolutely LOVE my socks. They are just the perfect color for me and they fit great too. I couldn't wait to wear them, so I have them on today at work. Everything I got in my package was wonderful. I have written more about it on my blog, so stop by if you want to check it out. Thank you so much Kary for spoiling me.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Monkeys Have Landed...

Yeah buddy! Look at the fabulous package my pal, Courtney, sent me! What a great surprise awaiting me after a long, long, day at school. Wow - socks that are sooo beautiful & fit like a glove, wonderful smelling lotion, cute monkey kleenex, pins, notepad, pen... I could just go on & on. A delightful aroma wafted from the box from the The Hot Apple Cider sachet inside. Yum Yum! Thank You Courtney - You Rock!

So awesome

SNoopy, my co-partner in crime made me wait open my package!

I got the most awesome package today in the mail! Crafty Librarian over did her self, a ton more pics at my blog.

You rock hunny!!! Thank you, Thank you ,Thank you!

Thank you Amy!

I received my package today...

Here's what was inside:

Monkey Sock Swap package from my pal

She got me some cute monkey items including some adorable tiny monkeys stitch markers.
She made me some very pretty in pink Monkeys and sent me a pattern I'd be drooling over for the longest time; Cookie's Titania's Revenge for Blue Moon Fiber Arts. The yarn she sent me is Interlacements Tiny Toes, which I'd never tried yet. She even made me a cute little bag! Thank you Amy!

San Diego Fire Request

I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this - and if anyone is offended, I will hold no ill will to them if this is removed.

I am a survivor of the San Diego Witch Creek Fire that started on Sunday October 21. At the same time as the Witch Creek fire, the Harris Fire and Rice fire took over our county. Because of the the high wind conditions caused by the Santa Ana efforts to control the fire were unsuccessful until mid Tuesday morning.

As of today (October 25) the fires are still burning across the county and have effected millions. Over 1500 families will not return home because they have lost everything to fire!

I started a group on Raverly requesting donations for families in San Diego with the request of acrylic 8" squares that will be pieced together and given to those that are rebuilding their life. I am asking the fiber community to help me in my efforts.

I'm NOT asking for $$, just a few squares that you might have made so I can stitch them up and bring them to families that had homes days ago and now are in the process of rebuilding. A blanket might not be a house, but its the spirit of community.

These will be for the relief of those families displaced and will go to them throughout the relief effort. If this is something you would to send a square to, please contact at either my email ( or my blog and for my address.

I am asking for:
* 8" acrylic square (that way we don't have to worry about allergies to wool) and it easy to machine wash and dry
* worsted weight
* knitted or crochet

We will be joining the squares here in San Diego but we can't make enough squares to fill all the requests and nominations that are coming in.

If anyone knows of anyone that was caught in the fire storm and fell victim, please have them contact me so that we may their name to the recipient list.

After the San Diego Cedar Fires 4 years ago, many of us are not letting an agency just take them and hold on to them for "someday" be handed out.

If you can help - I would greatly appreciate the post -- if you have any questions - please do not hesitate to contact me.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Monkey Has Landed!

AMAZING! What else can I say! Sarah you did a wonderful job! Read about my wonderful Monkey package on my blog! Sarah, you are the best! Thanks so much!

My Monkey package has crossed the ocean ....

I got the most wonderful package from Frieda, it was way beyond what the swap called for , I am still reeling from her kindness and generosity , I will post a photo tomorrow as W is away , and my photographic skills leave a lot to be desired , and this package calls for the best that the digital can do . Just a little taster, a signed copy of the Yarn Harlot's book , plus a photo of Stephanie holding the sock in progress .......... now you can't get better than that . Thank you Rebecca for hosting this swap and to cap it all , I have found a great new friend .......... photos tomorrow.

Canadian Monkeys

I got my Monkey package today. It came all the way from Canada. Tammy Rae was my Monkey Pal. She is soo awesome! I got lots and lots of great goodies. This is what I had in my package... Stitch markers, candy, coffee, monkey stickers, knitting needles, needle holders, mini sock key chain, Halloween pencils, Halloween houses, Cookie A. pattern, wonderful sock yarn, a monkey and of course the Monkey Socks.

Wow did I get spoiled or what? So thank you sooo much Tammy! You are an awesome pal!

Cooler temps here!

I'm breaking out my nice warm socks . . . temps are lower this week in Indiana, so I get to show mine off. It sure is fun to see everyone's treasures. I enjoyed, and continue to enjoy this opportunity thoroughly, and can't wait to play again!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monkey Socks Complete!

I have completed the Monkey Socks for my pal. They will be on their way to Germany tomorrow with a box full of goodies! I am really happy with how they turned out and I sure hope that my pal will feel like she was adequately spoiled! It was a lot of fun participating in this swap!


Monkey Socks Arrived!

This wonderful package of monkey goodies arrived on October 12th. Due to some technical difficulties I've been having with my digital camera I was unable to post about them today! They are wonderful! The yarn is Yarn Pirate and the colorway is Calamity, all shades of greens and purples - my favorites! I also really like the monkey measuring tape and the yarn that was sent with my new pattern, Mona. Thanks to Christa for this fabulous package of goodies - you made my day! I've enjoyed the swap, it was a lot of fun!


Amazing Monkey package received

I received an absolutely awe-inspiring box full of Monkey goodies yesterday. I took a ton of photos, and I'll post some as soon as I can. For now, just let it be said that Jill was an incredible Monkey Pal. My socks are gorgeous and fit perfectly. I can't wait for sock weather to finally arrive! The many other wonderful things in the box....Well, here's one: Jill included a framed photo of Stephanie the Yarn Harlot holding my sock. I love it! And then there are the glass markers, and the little bag....If I start describing it all now, I'll never get to bed.

Thank-you Cindy!!

Thank-you for the awesome Monkey package!! the socks fit perfect, I love them, the crazier colors the better, and they are!! :) Cindy also included 2 free Cookie A patterns, and I have'nt made them yet, 3 balls of pretty blue Cascade Fixation, yummy chocolate, 2 mesh washing bags, and the monkey extras were cards, a puppet, clay pot kit and bead monkey face kit, so cute!! thanks again :)

I've had to re-start my 2nd monkey sock for my pal, I pulled out a needle that had stitches on it instead of the empty needle and I tried for hours too fix and just made it worse, i've finished the cuff and 2 repeats so i'm not too far behind, i'm working like mad too finish and send off :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Monkey Socks!

I received my package from Chrispy and, let me tell you, she has spoiled her Monkey Swap Hostess rotten! Here is a sneak peek ......

Come visit my blog for more details!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Socks sent

I finised my socks and will put them in the mail on Monday :-) They are off to where it is cold :-) I hope the bright colors bring warmth to their new home.


My monkeys and monkey pal are on their way to their new adoptive home. They were sad to leave the only home they have known so far but I assured them they are going to a wonderful home where they will be loved and take care of. So they agreed to have a sleep in a magic box that would take them to their new home. Dear partner please give these monkeys some extra love after their journey when you greet them.

Thank you Jane!! my super great swap pal spoils me!!

My swap pal, Jane, she really spoils me. We have been on email for the last few months. She is so wonderful and always encurrages me on the knitting progress. I learn lots of hints from her like the short row heel. She is the best pal and look at what spoils me all the beautiful knitting accessories in the pictures ( I am posting more pictures on my blog).

I got home last night after away a week for a conference and open the boxes and here they are; I am so excited; my first alpaca "MONKEY" sock fit me prefect and it is my color. My yarn, they are very soft and hand dye 100% alpaca yarn for my next CookieA sock. I love the Gothic Spire Sock pattern. Thank you so much.

Wait, there's more, my Monkey Needles which are prefect for knitting scarves. My monkey stitches marker. they are beautiful. My knitting bag which are prefect size to carry my sock projects. The sock needles holders with monkey on both ends. Hand made card with Monkey, awsome!

Also, my first toy "Monkey" with lovely bowtie and I love those big eyes which starring at me now and he will be sitting on the top of my desk and smiling at the time!!

I really enjoy this swap and all my pal's gifts and I will treasure them and remember her as always her super gifts.

Thank you Jane. You are the greatest.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I've been Spoiled

I was spoiled by Jennifer L. Beautiful monkey socks knit in Zen Yarn Garden in color Zima. They fit perfectly. Some pretty Dream in Color sock yarn and some fun monkey items. Thank you Jennifer.

Monkey's are headed West

Hi All! My pals Monkey socks and goodies are going to the P.O. today to set off on their journey to their new home in the west. This has been so much fun! I hope there will be another swap.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I got my monkey package the other day! It had been a really shitty day, and I was so surprised to find my package waiting on the porch when I got home. It came all the way from Switzerland-if I interpreted the return address correctly. My monkey pal put together a wonderful socks are gorgeous, in my favorite shades of purples, greens, and blues. The cute monkey was immediately kidnapped by Emma and named...Emma. She lent her to me very reluctantly so I could take pictures. I also received a cell phone sock, a monkey tissue pack, cool chocolate banana candy, a beautiful card, some Opal sock yarn, and not one but two Cookie A. patterns! Thanks, Eve!

My own pal's monkey socks are done and most of my monkey gifts are ready. I need to finish a tiny bit of sewing, and hopefully my package will be able to head towards its new home on Monday. I've been procrastinating on finishing. I'm blaming tech week at the theatre, but at least part of it is just laziness. I've set myself a deadline, though, so Monday my package will head north.

Thanks Linda

Finally got the pics posted from Linda and her wonderful swap package. The socks are wonderfully super soft and comfy!!! Check my blog for all the goodies!!

Jen C

Monkey Socks on the Way!

I shipped out my Monkey Goodies yesterday to my pal. I really hope she enjoys them. I had a great time putting it all together. Of course the note I had planned to included got left out of the box, so she'll get that separately, but hey I was so excited to actually seal the box that I just plum forgot. Here is a sneak teaser of the stuff.

Seriously people, did you really think I'd show you everything before she gets it? I think not!

Anyway, I had a blast doing this. It was my first on-line swap ever, and I enjoyed it alot.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I need to send or the box won't close


SO these pretty little socks were finished on Sept 30, now what could I been doing all that time. Well definitely not blogging or in an area that is considered civilized (ie no coffee available). I went on vacation to visit the National Parks of Utah (pssss hint bring coffee if you have to drink it. None to be found for miles.) I had a blast and finished and started way too many projects to be healthy. Now my dear hostess, I hope you enjoy your little monkeys. They have traveled and seen the good life.

Finished socks made it to their new home

My secret pal received her socks, but has been quite busy, so I thought I would post a picture of the finished product. They are Knit Picks Merino, and were very soft. I'll let her post other items of her Monkey package. This was great fun . . . I'm ready to play again!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Off at a run

My socks are off to their new home in California! I hope my pal likes them...

Sent (finally)!

I've posted a box filled with monkey goodies to my pal yesterday. I'm hoping it gets there tomorrow or friday. And really hoping she likes what I sent her and that the socks fit.

I had a great time.

Thank you Rebecca for all the work putting together a wonderful swap.


P.S.: I'll post pics as soon as I know my partner got the package

Monkeys on the way!

Ta-Da! They have been done, but I was trying to finish putting the box together. They are on their way up North and since they are Luna Moon, (wool), I'm sure they will keep for feet very very warm!

This is always a fun swap to do and I thank Rebecca whole-heartedly for hosting this swap.

Happy Knitting all!

Monday, October 15, 2007

I love the Encouragement!

Good Morning Swappers.
Even though my socks have had a long haul they
will be swinging their way
to my pal very soon. Not to worry Pal!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Getting there.

Gosh. I feel so far behind. (But for good reason.)

I've finished one sock. And I'll have the second one done just in time to ship out before the deadline.

Monkey Sock Pal


Socks Done and Box in!!


I got my package and details can be found here!! Thank you so much Jen!!!

And here's a picture of the Monkeys I've completed for my buddy

I'm still collecting some things for them but I really hope she likes everything!!



I love looking at all the great monkey socks being sent and received. I had a bit of a problem with mine. After I washed and dried them (flat on my radiator) I could see they grew by an inch to an inch and half. YIKES!!! I had to go to the frog pond. I frogged all the way back to removing one repeat. Then I knit about five rows and started the decrease again. They measure what they should again. Only I am not rewashing them. I do not know why they stretched so. Could it have been the sock yarn I used or the needle size (2.5mm) or is the pattern that loose and stretchy???? I certainly hope they fit my pal now. They do seem a lot flatter than before I washed them. I guess I may be able to figure it all out after I knit a couple more pair. I really enjoyed knitting them and am looking forward to making more monkeys and joining in the next monkey swap. I also have just finished an extra monkey item for my pal. And for a teaser of what is going to my pal here is a photo of my extra monkey treat. What you don't see in the photo is the silver in the white yarn and the blue has some glitz thread in it. So monkey pal I do hope you will like your package.

almost there

My schedule should open up more this week so I'm hoping to have the monkey socks done soon and in the mail by next Monday. I hate that my pal has to wait till almost the very end to get her package/socks but I hope they are worth the wait.

The end is in sight

Hopefully , the socks will be ready to post tomorrow, although I will wait until the middle of the week to send off the package . We are in an area that is particularly affected by the postal strike so I am not taking any chances , I don't want these little beauties to go astray . I can't post a photo of the socks , I don't want my pal to see them , and if I said what I had knitted them from , she would probably guess ! This has been such a fun swap so a really big THANK YOU to Rebecca.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Can I snail mail Ice cream?
My socks go out on Monday to my lovely pal who really must be cursing me.
( my dad was kind enough to pose in the picture)
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Here We Come....

I've just returned from the post office & sent off the package to the warm south, from zip code 99504. Where, oh where is that? Hint: It's about 37°F right now. Brrrrr..... :0) I hope the package will arrive by the end of next week. I hope my pal likes the socks & goodies.

This has been a fun swap & fun watching the creation of so many beautiful pairs of monkey socks! Many thanks to our wonderful hostess!


Dear Eveline - Your pack landed save and good on the other side of the atlantic! Thank you sooo much for the fun things you sent me.

For all the others - have a look

Lovely socks - a great project bag evelyn sewed and Lorna's Laces Sock Yarn ! Wow!!

Isn't he a cutie??

and a lovely monkey Scrapbook - I just like it all! Thank you!

Friday, October 12, 2007

So behind!

I have been so sick lately with the morning sickness that I haven't been able to knit. Have you heard of anything so sucky before? :) Well, it seems I've out of the woods now, so knitting will happen at a much speedier pace. So far I have only been able to knit once in the past 3 weeks. Seriously, sucky. :) But, I did get 3 repeats on the sock done. Looks like I'll be knitting over my lunch hour instead of napping. :)

Hooray Monkeys!

After a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad morning and beginning of afternoon I came home to a package on my front porch! My monkey package from Samantha had arrived with a beautiful pair of socks, that fit perfectly, and bunch of other great stuff!

A little bag that she made for me herself! Some beautiful Fleece Artist sock yarn (always wanted to try this!)and some other fun things as well! You can see the little hand in the picture going for the ouch less hair ties, stitch markers (they're rings at the moment, but I am going to steal them back while she sleeps)! Genius idea. There would have been chocolate in that picture, but it had to be tested first and unfortunately after a couple of tests it was gone. She also sent some Sonic Death Monkey soap from Lush, note cards, cute little monkey magnets and cacao nibs (going to have to hide those from the hubbo).

Thank you so much Samantha for making a bad day good =)

First Monkey Done!

I know I'm behind the times. My first Monkey sock is done. I've to cast-on for the second. The first one took me 11 days to knit without doing hardly any knitting on the weekends. I should be done in plenty of time to make the deadling. I have a lot of monkey goodies for my pal though.

Thank You Valerie!!

My monkey swap pal, Valerie, really got me!


Just look at the color of these Monkeys...that deep wine is my absolute favorite.


The fit is perfect and I adore the picot edge!


The goodies she sent were very cute--a backpack, bookmark and monkey key toppers! I almost bought those for myself not too long ago.


She nailed me with the yarn too... Thanks so much Valerie, I really love everything! If you get a chance, go buy a bunch of stuff at her fab online store...Yarn4Socks. I'm happy to say I was a happy customer of Y4S even before this swap!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Socks are now drying!

No pix yet, but wanted to report that the socks for my pal are now done and are on the drying rack! I'll be ready to send everything out after my trip to Chicago this weekend~!

In other news, my pal was absolutely wonderful. I will post a formal thank you when I get back since the camera has decided to hide itself from me... so stay tuned! But a big THANK YOU to AJ#2 for being the bestest pal evcer :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

and... DONE!

Yippee! After reknitting the toes on one of the socks 3 times and frogging one pattern repeat for fear the socks were too big, I am done!! Just waiting for the socks to dry & then into the box they go for their trip south.

This has been a fun swap! It's been great seeing all of the beautiful monkey socks that have been created.

Lookie it's almost ready!!

I finished the socks! I'm almost done, all I need to do is pick up some yummy yarn and print out the pattern. Oops and put the cute little bead eyes on the little cute monkey that will be accompanying the monkey socks and other stuff. I decided to called these the Jungle Monkey Camo Socks because the kiwi-mango Panda Cotton sort pooled like camouflage. I hope my pal likes it because soon it will be flying on it's way to him/her. This has been loads of fun and I hope that there will be another monkey swap in the future! Thanks for such a fun swap :-D

Monkey Sock Happy Dance

Feeling very virtuous today, as monkey sock swap items complete and awaiting address to send groovy monkey sock parcel. Once I started looking for monkey stuff, it just kept finding me. I won't post a picture of the socks, as don't want to spoil any surprise for my monkey buddy. I even found monkey-related lollies! And no, I didn't sample, tho sorely tempted. Cheers, Mel

Monkey's Shipped

Monkeys left the building this morning!!! Hope they fit and she likes all the monkey stuff I was able to find...

Jen C

I've been monkeyed

Wow have I been monkeyed! While at home recovering from a migraine, the mail arrived with the neatest box of monkey stuff. Thanks so much Suzie Racho for the wonderful goodies. I have never seen nor used sock that rock yarn. Both my monkey socks and the skein are sock that rock yarn and I must say I just love it. The chocolate so far has been wonderful(I'm pacing myself some). The stuffed monkey is a great hit with my daughters, along with the stickers and note book. I love the stitch markers too. Thanks so much for all the great goodies. By the way the socks fit like a glove as you can see.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happy Monkey Project Bag

I just finished Monkey sock #1 (yay!) so I took a knitting break and made a little monkey project bag for my pal.

Monkey bag

The fabrics and ribbon were all salvaged from free stuff around the house: an old shirt, an old dress, and decorations. I was so excited to find the monkey face iron-ons at my local craft store...only 99 cents for two!

Monkey bag close up

Good luck with your monkey knitting!

More details at my blog.

Travelling Monkey!

Want to peak in my box? I'm just back from the post office - the package left!

How cute is he? i just love this monkey - and he (the poor one) is now in a small dark box and travelling for almost 1 week!

Monday, October 8, 2007

My package is "on the bus"!

I'm so excited, I'm about to jump out of my skin! Of course, the flip side is what if my pal HATES my color, yarn choices, and other goodies. I got in such a hurry, I left my note to be enclosed on my desk, but I did remember to take a picture of the offerings. Expected delivery is Thursday, so I think I'll send an e-mail that day to explain myself!

Found the funniest thing on Saturday. Reese's has a peanut butter cup with banana cream, and a picture of Elvis on the wrapper. I was out on an adventure with friends when we found them. One of the girls didn't understand the significance, so this guy strolls over and explained about the peanut butter and banana sandwiches which were reportedly one of Elvis' favorites. I added the comment that "Elvis thought gravy was a soft drink until he was 18." Poor guy just looked at me and walked away. I fear he thought he found some real Elvis fanatics . . . he didn't! By the way . . . we liked the candy! We had to try them, strictly in the interest of science, you know.

I've really enjoyed this and can't wait to "play again". I've got another pair of Monkeys on the needles in a fun Trekking colorway with lots of acid green, blue green, turquoise and yellow. Just the tiniest splash of red, too. I think I can now knit this pattern in my sleep.

I took the time yesterday to make my first effort at doing some of my own dyework. It was fun . . . and I like the first two skeins. I used acid reactive dyes from Pro-Chem, and did the heat set in the microwave. After squirt dying the first skein, I put the empty dye cup in the container of wetting solution. There was quite a bit of dye in the cup, so the color appeared strong enough to dye some more. So, I grabbed a skein of Knit Picks Bare Tweed, and let it soak a while in the bucket. It came out a lovely shade of light periwinkle. The squirt dyed yarn is deep periwinkle and magenta, and several colors in between and combinations thereof. I thought I was really generous with the periwinkle, but the finished result actually shows more of the magenta.

I'll be watching this spot to see how my pal likes her treats!

Monkeys are Done!!

Monkey Sock number 2 is done. I finished it while at lunch today. I have a few things to get together, so I should have them ready to ship by Monday. Yeah! This has been a lot of fun.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Monkeys on their way

I sent my Monkey Sock package off to its new home in Europe. I was so excited about packing everything up that I didn't take a photo! Doncha know that while I was out shopping yesterday I found several 'monkey' items that I would have liked to have found weeks ago when I was on the prowl for monkey stuff. Oh well. I hope that my pal likes what I sent.

This was a fun swap, and I look forward to seeing what my pal sends to me.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


where is all the monkey stuff in my town? I can not find anything anywhere. Are there a boatload of fellow monkiers where I live. Isn't it odd, how you see an abundance of stuff when you don't need it but when you do, its all hiding. Maybe its hidden because all I see is CHRISTMAS stuff. DUDE.

anywho before I go on a rant about Halloween not here yet and already stores are decorating in red and green I am off.

Secret pal, I swear I am searching for stuff for you!

Off to a new home

I am done with the socks. I will put them in the mail on Tuesday since Monday is Columbus Day. This swap has been great fun. I hope there will be another one. I planned on only using the yellow and brown yarn for the whole sock but I ran out and had to use the matching brown that came with it for the toes. All in all I am happy how they turned out. I hope my pal likes them too!

1 1/2

I am still knitting up my monkeys, but plan on sending my package next week, or so... I have so many projects and KAL's going on right now my needles are on fire :-) my goal is to have my package out by the 19th and I am sure I will make it, I have the whole package ready, I just need to finish the socks. Well it is a beautiful day here, I am waiting for my Dad to come over and bring my some bark for my front yard, then we are going to the Egg Plant festival and then I am coming home to knit...... Have a good weekend. !!!

Friday, October 5, 2007


The yarn (Yarn Lust Donegal Sock) is beautiful and knits at lightening speed! The colors are a bit lighter than on the picture, but I don't know yet how to adjust my new camera.