Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I've been monkeyed

Wow have I been monkeyed! While at home recovering from a migraine, the mail arrived with the neatest box of monkey stuff. Thanks so much Suzie Racho for the wonderful goodies. I have never seen nor used sock that rock yarn. Both my monkey socks and the skein are sock that rock yarn and I must say I just love it. The chocolate so far has been wonderful(I'm pacing myself some). The stuffed monkey is a great hit with my daughters, along with the stickers and note book. I love the stitch markers too. Thanks so much for all the great goodies. By the way the socks fit like a glove as you can see.


sock lover said...

Gorgeous!! What a happy day!

Sock Stash said...

I love the green! I originally was going to make a green pair for my pal.

Jen C said...

Love the greens, gorgeous socks