Saturday, October 20, 2007

Thank you Jane!! my super great swap pal spoils me!!

My swap pal, Jane, she really spoils me. We have been on email for the last few months. She is so wonderful and always encurrages me on the knitting progress. I learn lots of hints from her like the short row heel. She is the best pal and look at what spoils me all the beautiful knitting accessories in the pictures ( I am posting more pictures on my blog).

I got home last night after away a week for a conference and open the boxes and here they are; I am so excited; my first alpaca "MONKEY" sock fit me prefect and it is my color. My yarn, they are very soft and hand dye 100% alpaca yarn for my next CookieA sock. I love the Gothic Spire Sock pattern. Thank you so much.

Wait, there's more, my Monkey Needles which are prefect for knitting scarves. My monkey stitches marker. they are beautiful. My knitting bag which are prefect size to carry my sock projects. The sock needles holders with monkey on both ends. Hand made card with Monkey, awsome!

Also, my first toy "Monkey" with lovely bowtie and I love those big eyes which starring at me now and he will be sitting on the top of my desk and smiling at the time!!

I really enjoy this swap and all my pal's gifts and I will treasure them and remember her as always her super gifts.

Thank you Jane. You are the greatest.


Jane said...

You're welcome. I'm happy to know you like the package :D

anthony said...

I am french
Join us on we are a lot to swap and exchange some gift!
Have a nice day!