Monday, October 8, 2007

My package is "on the bus"!

I'm so excited, I'm about to jump out of my skin! Of course, the flip side is what if my pal HATES my color, yarn choices, and other goodies. I got in such a hurry, I left my note to be enclosed on my desk, but I did remember to take a picture of the offerings. Expected delivery is Thursday, so I think I'll send an e-mail that day to explain myself!

Found the funniest thing on Saturday. Reese's has a peanut butter cup with banana cream, and a picture of Elvis on the wrapper. I was out on an adventure with friends when we found them. One of the girls didn't understand the significance, so this guy strolls over and explained about the peanut butter and banana sandwiches which were reportedly one of Elvis' favorites. I added the comment that "Elvis thought gravy was a soft drink until he was 18." Poor guy just looked at me and walked away. I fear he thought he found some real Elvis fanatics . . . he didn't! By the way . . . we liked the candy! We had to try them, strictly in the interest of science, you know.

I've really enjoyed this and can't wait to "play again". I've got another pair of Monkeys on the needles in a fun Trekking colorway with lots of acid green, blue green, turquoise and yellow. Just the tiniest splash of red, too. I think I can now knit this pattern in my sleep.

I took the time yesterday to make my first effort at doing some of my own dyework. It was fun . . . and I like the first two skeins. I used acid reactive dyes from Pro-Chem, and did the heat set in the microwave. After squirt dying the first skein, I put the empty dye cup in the container of wetting solution. There was quite a bit of dye in the cup, so the color appeared strong enough to dye some more. So, I grabbed a skein of Knit Picks Bare Tweed, and let it soak a while in the bucket. It came out a lovely shade of light periwinkle. The squirt dyed yarn is deep periwinkle and magenta, and several colors in between and combinations thereof. I thought I was really generous with the periwinkle, but the finished result actually shows more of the magenta.

I'll be watching this spot to see how my pal likes her treats!

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