Thursday, October 25, 2007

San Diego Fire Request

I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this - and if anyone is offended, I will hold no ill will to them if this is removed.

I am a survivor of the San Diego Witch Creek Fire that started on Sunday October 21. At the same time as the Witch Creek fire, the Harris Fire and Rice fire took over our county. Because of the the high wind conditions caused by the Santa Ana efforts to control the fire were unsuccessful until mid Tuesday morning.

As of today (October 25) the fires are still burning across the county and have effected millions. Over 1500 families will not return home because they have lost everything to fire!

I started a group on Raverly requesting donations for families in San Diego with the request of acrylic 8" squares that will be pieced together and given to those that are rebuilding their life. I am asking the fiber community to help me in my efforts.

I'm NOT asking for $$, just a few squares that you might have made so I can stitch them up and bring them to families that had homes days ago and now are in the process of rebuilding. A blanket might not be a house, but its the spirit of community.

These will be for the relief of those families displaced and will go to them throughout the relief effort. If this is something you would to send a square to, please contact at either my email ( or my blog and for my address.

I am asking for:
* 8" acrylic square (that way we don't have to worry about allergies to wool) and it easy to machine wash and dry
* worsted weight
* knitted or crochet

We will be joining the squares here in San Diego but we can't make enough squares to fill all the requests and nominations that are coming in.

If anyone knows of anyone that was caught in the fire storm and fell victim, please have them contact me so that we may their name to the recipient list.

After the San Diego Cedar Fires 4 years ago, many of us are not letting an agency just take them and hold on to them for "someday" be handed out.

If you can help - I would greatly appreciate the post -- if you have any questions - please do not hesitate to contact me.


Knit Kimber Knit said...

hey i have a ton of squares from the warm up america foundation i can get to you, where do they go?

Arctic Knitter said...

Will do - I have family in San Diego, who fortunately were spared. San Diego has been in our thoughts.