Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Forgive me Sandy- I am so late posting

Look what I got. After a visit to my daughter, I came home to this wonderful surprise. Many little monkey treats- a coin purse made from a monkey sock,a chimpanzee keyring and a stuffed baby monkey. A copy of the Thelonius pattern for my winter wish list of projects. I think I need new glasses before I tackle that chart though. Sandy found out I love lighthouses and sent me a new calendar for 2008. Do you see that yellow fabric item- I bet you nurses know what that is- Sandy, a crafty seamstress and quilter as well, fabricated a stethoscope cover from a cute monkey fabric. The kids at school love it( and so do I). The luscious yarn is Artyarn- ultramerino in teals,turquiose and purples- it smells wonderful too. Something is missing you say? Wondered when you pick up on that. When I put those warm and toasty monkey socks on- I just couldn't take them off. So here they are in all of their glory. Thanks for all of your hard work, Sandy. I loved everything. You are a great swap pal. PS- How could I forget the little silky bag of bigelow teas tied off with royal purple stitch markers.


Moonlit Goddess said...

There's nothing to forgive. I am just glad you got everything OK and that you like it. I really enjoyed putting everything together. Was a bit worried about your skinny feet :o), but guess I worried for nothing. Glad you liked the stethoscope cover too.

gottaknit said...

Wow Jan, you did get spoiled. I am so glad you like your socks. They look great. Hope to get to see them soon.