Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thank-you Cindy!!

Thank-you for the awesome Monkey package!! the socks fit perfect, I love them, the crazier colors the better, and they are!! :) Cindy also included 2 free Cookie A patterns, and I have'nt made them yet, 3 balls of pretty blue Cascade Fixation, yummy chocolate, 2 mesh washing bags, and the monkey extras were cards, a puppet, clay pot kit and bead monkey face kit, so cute!! thanks again :)

I've had to re-start my 2nd monkey sock for my pal, I pulled out a needle that had stitches on it instead of the empty needle and I tried for hours too fix and just made it worse, i've finished the cuff and 2 repeats so i'm not too far behind, i'm working like mad too finish and send off :)


cindybmw2004 said...

You are very welcome! I hope you enjoy it all! I've enjoyed reading your blog and hope to keep up with your activites! :)

Courtney said...

Those are really cute, I cant wait to get my Monkeys :-)