Sunday, October 14, 2007


I love looking at all the great monkey socks being sent and received. I had a bit of a problem with mine. After I washed and dried them (flat on my radiator) I could see they grew by an inch to an inch and half. YIKES!!! I had to go to the frog pond. I frogged all the way back to removing one repeat. Then I knit about five rows and started the decrease again. They measure what they should again. Only I am not rewashing them. I do not know why they stretched so. Could it have been the sock yarn I used or the needle size (2.5mm) or is the pattern that loose and stretchy???? I certainly hope they fit my pal now. They do seem a lot flatter than before I washed them. I guess I may be able to figure it all out after I knit a couple more pair. I really enjoyed knitting them and am looking forward to making more monkeys and joining in the next monkey swap. I also have just finished an extra monkey item for my pal. And for a teaser of what is going to my pal here is a photo of my extra monkey treat. What you don't see in the photo is the silver in the white yarn and the blue has some glitz thread in it. So monkey pal I do hope you will like your package.


sock lover said...

Love it!

Betty said...

Great monkey and I love the scarf - you have a great pal gift

Stranded In Oz said...

This monkey toy is sooooooooo cute! Thanks for sharing the photo.
Mel in Oz