Friday, June 29, 2007

Monkeys swing into Tennessee!

When arriving home today, I found my mailbox filled with monkey goodness! My pal, Jeremy, sent a wonderful package, and I'll post pictures as soon as I can locate my camera. Thanks, Jeremy, you really made my day!


Monday, June 25, 2007


Yeah! Today has been somewhat awful and to brighten my day, my monkey package arrived! Yipee!!! You can see all about it on my blog. Thanks Pixie for the awesome package:)

Another bright monkeys are finally finished and will be on their way to their new home tomorrow:)


Oh yeah.. and it's SOOOO VERY GOOD!

Thank you JOY! You truly spoiled me rotton!

I will post pics and stuff on here and my blog once I get pictures.. I'm in OPERATION FINISH MODE for another project/swap which has a deadline creaping up so quickly! I believe wearing my beautiful, scrumptious and new Monkey socks from Joy should help me knit FASTER! ;)

Sorry To Do This To You All But...............

So sorry everyone but I have the best Monkey Pal ever!!!! I hadn't heard from my Pal in some time and was hoping all was well...poor Monkey's computer crashed!! EGADS!!! But I received this box from "across the pond", after I came back from "across the pond",lol.
I received a knitting magazine(I only want to make 6 of the items!), some tea with a silly monkey on it(hilarious dialogue), the matching stuffed monkey, a monkey keychain, some glorious purple cotton yarn, the purple wool left from socks and get this..TWO, yes TWO pairs of Monkey socks. Seems the purple was difficult to get so an alternate pair had been made. I can't believe she sent BOTH!! I am not done yet, a monkey warsh cloth and .........I adore retro needles. My pal, sweet lady she is, tracked down all these retro needles. Aren't they just grand?
I have to tell you all, somewhat embarrassingly, as I unwrapped each item the tears were flowing. As many of you, I am sure, I am the giver, only recently the receiver. The needles are from the 50's, I am from 58, heehee. But I held my two pairs of Monkeys and bawled my eyes out. It amazes me the knidness of knitters. Someone who doesn't even know you knits for you, tracks down items for you and sends them from another country. It amazes me.
Ok, I know...
I want to say a major heartfelt appreciative thank you to my pal, Ronnie. Ronnie, everything is wonderful beyond words, they fit perfectly!!! My needles are in my bag to travel everywhere with me so I can show them off. There will be more info on my blog in a bit. Thank you, thank you.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Proof of Monkey Love

I just wanted to post these pictures of my little puppy enjoying her new monkey.

Thanks again, Mary, from both Lola and I.

Bad Monkey

I'm such a bad monkey for not saying thank you to Mary earlier. She made me wonderful warm alpaca monkey socks in a rich cranberry color. I love them and I'll get a lot of wear out of them when we enter into fall and winter. Also, she sent me several great knitting items and fun monkey toys. The best thing, according to my new puppy Lola, was the monkey toy. While I wasn't able to get a picture of Lola playing with it, I can say that it was a struggle getting it away from her for this photo.

Thanks again Mary.

aloha, my monkey socks!

they're here! they're here!!!

on thursday, after a pretty grueling work day, look, what i came home to... my monkey sock swap package! who could it be from?
*drumroll please*
why, my monkey pal is DONNA!!! for weeks we've seen her progress on not one but TWO incarnations of monkey socks for me. donna, thank you SO much for all of your hard work. if you haven't checked my blog yet, i love love love love LOVE my socks!

here are my beautiful brooks farms acero monkey socks... sure it's almost 85+ degrees here in hawaii, but i wore them for the remainder of the night. and then not to forget to mention all of the other fantastic goodies inside!
the socks were accompanied by a wonderful foam monkey constructed by donna's daughter (now sitting proud in my cubicle @ work), a sock pocket covered in banana-driving monkeys, the original monkey sock yarn from the flock bransonas, a 3-in-1 lego creature featuring monkey configuration, some colorful point protectors and a monkey necklace set! *phew*

donna, thank you so much for all of your beautiful work and genorosity! and most of all, thanks for being such a great monkey pal!

~ joy

Friday, June 22, 2007

They're Here!

Yay, my Monkey Package arrived today, and it was sooo worth the wait! Thank you so much Katie, I love everything!
The Curious George vintage lunchbox is awesome. I love Curious George stuff and it really brings back great childhood memories. The picture frame and stuffed monkey are great. Thank you so much for the yarn and stitch markers, I can’t wait to use them!
And of course the Monkey Socks are totally fabulous! The colors are so bright and beautiful. This was such a fun experience.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

one more picture

i had to share one more picture of the monkey socks i got from angela marie. they look so great with my docs!

Mary's Monkeys

I sent these to Mary before going off to Ireland....I did receive a lovely thank you email from Mary. She mentioned having trouble posting pics and whatnot so I have posted. These were made from one of my favorite stash yarns.....I hope Mary will enjoy them.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

angela marie!

you have SPOILED ME ROTTEN! thank you so much!

here's a sneak peek of what was in my amazing box... the rest of it is in my blog!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wow Wow Wow!

Today Fedex came up my street, and I just knew it was for me. The monkeys had arrived from my pal!

Coolest Monkeys Ever!

My pal went way above and beyond for my package. Thank you so much Michelle!!!!! I love my socks. They are soooo soft, and the colors awesome. Besides the socks, my pal sent sock blockers (wow!), yarn (wow!)(I can't remember the name :( ), glass monkey stitch markers (Wow!), and the cutest monkey ever!! He is from the spy museum! His little hoodie says spy monkeys. Thank you again Michelle. I really love everything. My daughter also loves the monkey and is trying to steal the monkey socks. I can't wait till her feet finally grow bigger than mine LOL!

Monday, June 18, 2007

yay, they're here!!

I got my package today from Ann! definitely made my day and my son's day since he had a blast helping me open everything!

included, other than the socks, were some monkey stickers (minus some already since my two year old decided he wanted some as soon as he opened the package), monkey stitch markers, banana and monkey cutouts, monkey note pad, stuffed monkey, and some yummy chocolate that isn't pictured as it was in the fridge hardening as I took the pictures. though its long gone by now. I'd been craving some chocolate today, so that made my pregnant self happy! the socks are perfect and so beautiful! they look more tealish blue than the pictures shows. I'll post separate pictures of everything else on my blog :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ding Dong - Monkey Socks Calling

The doorbell rings about 3pm yesterday and there is a woman holding the above bag in her hand. She said, "Hi, I'm your secret monkey swap partner". Boy was I surprised! My partner was less than 10 miles away! It was so nice to meet Lynn and discuss socks, the swap, etc.! :) I waited.....oh....less than 30 seconds after she left to open my bag and this is what was in it:
There is a kit for making the sock monkey, a monkey notebook (great for taking notes!) a monkey pen, a monkey bookmark, a lantern moon sock bag, 3 wool-soak packages, and of course BEAUTIFUL MONKEY SOCKS!
They fit very nice and the yarn colors are gorgeous!
I feel very spoiled and can't wait to wear the socks on monday to work! Everyone at my LYS are going to be very jealous with my socks! Thanks so much for this swap! I have really enjoyed it!

I have to fess up!

I haven't been feeling very well lately so I have been at home not showering, not cooking, just kind of being. (Morning sickness really sucks it out of you!) Well I only tell you this because I haven't gone anywhere AT ALL. I had sent my husband off to the post office with my Monkey package quite awhile ago. So when I was feeling good on friday I decided to shower and get out of the house (at least for the kids sake). I get in the front seat and off we go. First red light we come to Hubbie presses on the brakes to stop....something hits the back of my heels. I look down......Monkey Package! I pick it up (he is watching me), I look at him, "Ya, I was going to drop that off today." I smile, look him dead in the eyes "Well, I hope so seeing as it has to be at her house today!" Horns are honking because the light had been green for a bit.

So there...I fessed up! I am so sorry that my package wasn't sent out on time! It was mailed on the 15th, not recieved by then. Hubbie is sorry me.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

a bit belated........

check out my blog for the goodies i received from angela in the first swap! the dishcloth is too cute, as are the stitch counter and markers she made herself! thank you angela for a great package of goodies, and rebecca, for organizing this swap!

They are here, they are here, they are here!

When I saw a box on my step from Michelle I wondered what in the world she could be sending to me. You see I'd been the one doing the sending in SP8 and we've kept in touch ever since. I've watched her sock knitting skills really take off over the past year and when I opened the box and realized what it was you could have knocked me over with a feather! They are just gorgeous and accompanied by such fabulous goodies that I feel thoroughly spoiled. The socks are a perfect fit and the colors are just gorgeous. It'll be my first pair of socks made with STR.

A little over a year ago I attempted to make some sock blockers with craft foam and they've been serviceable but they don't make for the nicest photos so I've been oggling "real" ones ever since but they just never made it to the top of my shopping list. These beautiful wooden ones from the Loopy Ewe are nicer than I imagined. They'll make it much easier to photograph my socks in progress and of course they're perfect for blocking those gift socks. Thanks so much Michelle, you've definitely gone above and beyond the call of duty!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

This so made my day.

I got my package today! I have been feeling a bit under the weather (even though it's like 100 outside).

This package is so amazing!

The monkeys were everywhere!
The colors are so beautiful, I would have picked this yarn if I was out shopping!

These are some of the best socks that I have ever gotten from a swap! I couldn't have made them to fit me any better then they do! Truly amazing! Christa you are truly amazing! Thank you so much for knitting my socks! Thank you for putting so much thought and love into each and every stitch. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I only hope that my Sock Monkey Pal gets hers soon. I am dying to see what she thinks!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Monkeys from Canada

Monkeys have arrived all the way from Prince George, British Columbia in Canada. Which is about 14 hours from where I live. I had to look on a map to find it. The only place in Canada that I have visited was Halifax and that was years ago when I was still in the Navy. Little Nicholas is gonna love the stuffed monkey. Right now he is napping but he will get it when he wakes up. The socks fit perfectly. Nathan had seen them and promtly put them on his hands. Check out the cute lil banana coin purse and the lil pink item with the monkey on it tells the time/date. The emery board will come in handy as I am always chipping my nails. And of course stitch markers are always good. So I want to thank Liz of I'm Having a Knit-Fit! for the great package.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's Here!

My fabulous Monkey Swap Pal sent me such a fun package of Monkey Goodness! The socks are perfect -- I love the colors, and the yarn is nice and squooshy (what is the yarn, by the way, Julie?).

The socks fit perfectly. The other goodies in the package include a Sea Monkey kit (how did you know that I've wanted Sea Monkeys since I was a kid?!?), a handmade needle roll, and a great skein of sock yarn... among other goodies. Thanks a million, Julie! You're a great Monkey Pal!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Monkey package from Singapore

Thanks Chrissie!

Monkeys complete

I just have to put the final touches for the package and these Monkey socks will be leaving the wonderous state of Oregon for their new home.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Here is the promised photo of my two little Monkeys that I'm packing up to send to their new home. I have new batteries in my camera, finally. :)
I just returned from Lucy Neatby's Sock Retreat (my favorite sock lady), and I'll post photos on my blog in a bit to share with you!
Kris in NH :)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Do Monkeys Fly?

Well... the Monkeys are done! They are winging their way out of Canada as I write this. This has been such a fun swap. But I gotta say... I think that my hands are actually sore from the knitting marathon I just finished! Thanks Rebecca for putting this together.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Monkey Business

You guys have been knitting some awesome Monkey Socks!

I just wanted to remind you that your Monkey Pal must receive her package by June 15th so if you have not wrapped up those lovely socks this is the last week to do so! Will there be any Monkey Knitting Marathons going on this week?
Don't forget to post your package when you receive it so we can see all your goodies!
Monkey Hostess
P.S. I was in Barnes and Noble this weekend and saw several 'monkey items' in the children's book section.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Another finisher

Friday night I finished up my Monkey's as well. I've changed the heel flap to an eye-of-partridge and done a toe that's rounder than the usual one. I heard a good tip for those still shopping for Monkey items. I'm told the new Martha Stewart craft line at Michael's has a whole Monkey section and I saw some cute Monkey things at Target yesterday too.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Monkey Socks are Finished!

Hi...just had to share the pair of Monkey Socks for my pal are finished! Yes, as of 7:48 pm tonight. I had to tell one here gets excited about knitting in my home. :)
They look nice on my red Loopy Ewe blockers, but alas, batteries are dead in camera. I'll be giving them a nice wool wash next week and block them properly, before sending them on their way to their recipient.
What a fun sock swap...thanks, Rebecca!