Sunday, June 17, 2007

I have to fess up!

I haven't been feeling very well lately so I have been at home not showering, not cooking, just kind of being. (Morning sickness really sucks it out of you!) Well I only tell you this because I haven't gone anywhere AT ALL. I had sent my husband off to the post office with my Monkey package quite awhile ago. So when I was feeling good on friday I decided to shower and get out of the house (at least for the kids sake). I get in the front seat and off we go. First red light we come to Hubbie presses on the brakes to stop....something hits the back of my heels. I look down......Monkey Package! I pick it up (he is watching me), I look at him, "Ya, I was going to drop that off today." I smile, look him dead in the eyes "Well, I hope so seeing as it has to be at her house today!" Horns are honking because the light had been green for a bit.

So there...I fessed up! I am so sorry that my package wasn't sent out on time! It was mailed on the 15th, not recieved by then. Hubbie is sorry me.


Knitted Bookworm said...

Don't feel bad about the package under the seat. It really could have been worse. Years ago my family had been out to dinner where the serving were really large. I'd had a wonderful shrimp dinner (can you see it coming?) and had plenty left over for the next day's lunch. We stopped on the way home for something, and I pushed the takeout box under the seat so it wouldn't bake in the sun. You guessed it...several days later I complained of an odd smell in the car. Before hubby located the offending party, it became a REALLY odd smell. We all still laugh when someone mentions pushing something under the seat...just make sure it isn't shrimp!

Rebecca said...

Well sweetie, your hubby isn't the ONLY HUBBY who has made that mistake! Doesn't he know not to mess with a pregnant lady (LOL). I'm sure your pal will understand. I hope your morning sickness goes away soon and wearing Monkey Socks will put a smile on your face.