Monday, June 18, 2007

yay, they're here!!

I got my package today from Ann! definitely made my day and my son's day since he had a blast helping me open everything!

included, other than the socks, were some monkey stickers (minus some already since my two year old decided he wanted some as soon as he opened the package), monkey stitch markers, banana and monkey cutouts, monkey note pad, stuffed monkey, and some yummy chocolate that isn't pictured as it was in the fridge hardening as I took the pictures. though its long gone by now. I'd been craving some chocolate today, so that made my pregnant self happy! the socks are perfect and so beautiful! they look more tealish blue than the pictures shows. I'll post separate pictures of everything else on my blog :)

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Ann K. said...

Yayyyy - They arrived quickly.. I'm happy you like everything!
The stitch markers were custom made for me by Tami from Designs by Tami. She's an amazing talent!
I wasn't sure the chocolate was the best sweets to send this time of year, but am happy it worked out. :)