Monday, June 25, 2007

Sorry To Do This To You All But...............

So sorry everyone but I have the best Monkey Pal ever!!!! I hadn't heard from my Pal in some time and was hoping all was well...poor Monkey's computer crashed!! EGADS!!! But I received this box from "across the pond", after I came back from "across the pond",lol.
I received a knitting magazine(I only want to make 6 of the items!), some tea with a silly monkey on it(hilarious dialogue), the matching stuffed monkey, a monkey keychain, some glorious purple cotton yarn, the purple wool left from socks and get this..TWO, yes TWO pairs of Monkey socks. Seems the purple was difficult to get so an alternate pair had been made. I can't believe she sent BOTH!! I am not done yet, a monkey warsh cloth and .........I adore retro needles. My pal, sweet lady she is, tracked down all these retro needles. Aren't they just grand?
I have to tell you all, somewhat embarrassingly, as I unwrapped each item the tears were flowing. As many of you, I am sure, I am the giver, only recently the receiver. The needles are from the 50's, I am from 58, heehee. But I held my two pairs of Monkeys and bawled my eyes out. It amazes me the knidness of knitters. Someone who doesn't even know you knits for you, tracks down items for you and sends them from another country. It amazes me.
Ok, I know...
I want to say a major heartfelt appreciative thank you to my pal, Ronnie. Ronnie, everything is wonderful beyond words, they fit perfectly!!! My needles are in my bag to travel everywhere with me so I can show them off. There will be more info on my blog in a bit. Thank you, thank you.

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