Monday, June 4, 2007

Monkey Business

You guys have been knitting some awesome Monkey Socks!

I just wanted to remind you that your Monkey Pal must receive her package by June 15th so if you have not wrapped up those lovely socks this is the last week to do so! Will there be any Monkey Knitting Marathons going on this week?
Don't forget to post your package when you receive it so we can see all your goodies!
Monkey Hostess
P.S. I was in Barnes and Noble this weekend and saw several 'monkey items' in the children's book section.


Michelle said...

I am almost done! Half a repeat and the toe to go! Plus one more Monkey item, but I hope to find that before the end of this week and post the package by Saturday :)

Angela Marie said...

Mine are almost done and they look sooo pretty. I would almost keep them except they are a tad too short for my feet. Just one more repeat and then the toe.