Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ding Dong - Monkey Socks Calling

The doorbell rings about 3pm yesterday and there is a woman holding the above bag in her hand. She said, "Hi, I'm your secret monkey swap partner". Boy was I surprised! My partner was less than 10 miles away! It was so nice to meet Lynn and discuss socks, the swap, etc.! :) I waited.....oh....less than 30 seconds after she left to open my bag and this is what was in it:
There is a kit for making the sock monkey, a monkey notebook (great for taking notes!) a monkey pen, a monkey bookmark, a lantern moon sock bag, 3 wool-soak packages, and of course BEAUTIFUL MONKEY SOCKS!
They fit very nice and the yarn colors are gorgeous!
I feel very spoiled and can't wait to wear the socks on monday to work! Everyone at my LYS are going to be very jealous with my socks! Thanks so much for this swap! I have really enjoyed it!

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Knitted Bookworm said...

Glad they fit (always the major worry!) and glad we got to meet...not something that usually happens with swaps. It was lots of fun planning for the swap and searching for monkey things. Now I see monkeys EVERYWHERE I go!