Friday, November 16, 2007

Awesome Sauce Socks

I had an excellent surprise waiting for me when I got home -- this package from my Monkey Sock Swap pal! Thank you so much Melissa! Everything is beautiful and I can't wait till I'm finished with Christmas knitting to get a start on Rhiannon.

The socks fit me absolutely perfectly, which can sometimes be a challenge since I have pretty big feet. Everything in the package is adorable. An awesome monkey vinyl bag with a wallet pocket, hot cocoa (just in time for the cold weather), a spa set (with slippers) and slipper socks to keep my toes warm. There's so much stuff (for a more filled in of everything check the notes on flickr)!

This was the first swap I've received something from and it was really amazing! Thanks you so much for being such an awesome swap pal!


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Ariadne's Thread said...

I'm really glad you like your goodies! Just when I thought I was going to have to call a halt to Monkey Hunting, the spa set and slipper socks appeared while I was out shopping. I had fun finding everything, and I loved the yarn I used for your socks.