Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Guilty Monkey Swapper

I confess I am one of the Monkey Swappers who has yet to finish her pal's socks. I've been working on them really, but it seems that every few days our new baby presents us with greater challenges and there just aren't enough hours in the day to shower let alone knit. I've apologized to my pal (ReneƩ) but I know she's disappointed (I would be too). I did send out all of her treats including yarn and pattern but I can't apologize enough. For those of you out there still waiting on your packages I am sure that there are good reasons for the delays and that your spoilers probably feel as terrible as I do.

I finally opened my Monkey package from my spoiler Kristy. The socks are amazing and all the treats, including the yarn and pattern selection, are amazing. I especially love the handmade card. Kristy included a copy of the adventures of Curious George which I look forward to reading to the baby. Here are some pics:

Thank you so much Kristy!

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