Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Angels in need?

I haven't seen the swap host post in a really long while, I beleive angels are needed here.

Maybe a list of everyone whom did not receive their Monkey swap package?

Or simply, reply here, I was looking through posts and some received and need to be sure its accurate to date.


B said...
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Ana said...

I have yet to receive or hear anything from my pal.

cindybmw2004 said...

Well, I did the other swap and didn't have this much problem. My partner hasn't written in quite a while so I'm going to say I'm not getting the socks or anything else. It's okay, but I sure was looking forward to another pair! LOL I hope our hostess is keeping track of who didn't receive so they are banned from doing the next one. It's just aggrevating when someone says it was mailed, and then the next email is "I'm not quite done with them" and then the next email is "I'm almost done" and then nothing.

Rebecca said...

And, it is VERY FRUSTRATING for me as a hostess and makes it very difficult to keep everything straight! There have been more issues with this third swap than I have ever had and, because of this, a fourth Monkey Swap is highly unlikely.