Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Christmas day I opened my Monkey swap package from Caryn. She sent me a bag of Hershey's kisses, a lovely lunch box with monkeys on it which will make a great small project (such as socks) carrier, monkey magnetic bookmarks, the Thelonious Cookie A sock pattern and some lovely yarn to knit socks with. The socks had no label indicating what type of yarn it is super wash or not, with or without nylon, yardage or the name of the yarn. So if anyone knows please tell me. It is lovely yarn BUT I would like to know what it is.
Only there were NO MONKEY SOCKS included in the package.
She did mention in an email she would send them when she finished them as soon as she could but since she is not answering my emails I don’t know if she is still working on them or not.
I am thankful I received something when I know others have had partners who totally flaked on them. I wrote my partner when I received my package and sent her another email today but she hasn't answered either. I hope things have settled down for her from the last time she emailed me. I checked her blog and she has not put an entry in since Sept. This first photo shows the goodies I received from Caryn.
This is a close up of the yarn I received.
I had a lot of fun making the socks for my pal and purchasing goodies for my pal as a lot of the fun is in the giving as much as the receiving and I was looking was looking forward to the next Monkey swap. Now I am not so sure after reading that so many people have been left high and dry I guess I am just leery but I really would like to join the next swap if there is one.
There will be more of other swap packages I opened on Christmas day on my blog shortly.


sock lover said...

Beautiful! Hopefully you'll get your Monkey socks soon as well.

Yarn reminds me either of Cherry Trell Hill or Koigu? Of course, I could be wrong on both accounts.

sock lover said...

Perhaps CTH in Cabin Fever?

gilraen said...

It looks like CTH to me. Perhaps Indian summer