Sunday, September 16, 2007

Having some fun now!

Merino wool on US size 1's in a colorway called "Rocky Mountain Dusk". (Sorry, I can't get the picture to rotate.) At first, I was afraid the yarn would not do justice to the pattern, but it's coming along nicely. Just two more repeats before beginning the heel. Still battling my computer security and trying to send a secret pal e-mail. I'm giving it one more try before just sending an e-mail with my return on it, just so my pal doesn't feel like an orphan. Other items are enroute and I intend to pack them all up in about a week to send them off. This is such fun!


sock lover said...

Wow, that colorway is totally gorgeous!!!!

Courtney said...

LOVE the purple

gilraen said...

I like the yarn very much!!! :)

Good luck with the email :)