Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The good and bad of technology!

I'm anxiously awaiting delivery of my swap yarns (and a couple for me). I'm able to track the package, but I'm not sure that it's a good thing. I just looked up my tracking number, and note that the package left Seattle enroute to the midwest . . . by ground . . . it's somewhere in a truck, all cold and lonely. I hope there are others of its' kind on the trip! I had to make a brief pause in my knitting to finish a pair of mittens I promised for a charity auction. I should finish those this evening, and be back on track on my Monkey swap pair. The package tracker indicates scheduled delivery by Friday. So, I'm still on target with my quest to send out my package the first part of the week. But, I want my yarn NOW! Where is that Scotty with his beam when you need him? "Wonka-vision" might have done it, except for its' propensity for shrinking everything. Back to waiting . . . thank goodness I have my knitting to keep me calm!

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