Thursday, August 16, 2007

Monkey Business

The process of assigning Monkey Pals is well underway and many of you have already received yours! As you begin searching for the Cookie A. pattern you would like to give her and picking out a lovely yarn I wanted to let you know that THE LOOPY EWE is a wonderful place to start!

I met the shopowner, Sheri, a few swaps back when she was assigned as my Sockret Pal. She is one of the most appreciative recipients of any pair of socks I have ever gifted. She is so incredibly friendly and warm that she even has a group of followers on Ravelry called 'The Loopy Groupies'

The Loopy Ewe carries the Cookie A. sock patterns and the Louet Pearl Gems yarn that Cookie A. so often uses to knit her patterns. The shipping prices are one of the best you can find on the internet, too!

I emailed Sheri to let her know that she may suddenly get flooded with requests for Cookie patterns so she should probably stock up. She surprised me back by telling me that if any of my Monkey Pals linked to her shop from the MONKEY SOCK SWAP blog and placed their first order with the Loopy Ewe through our blog, she would give ME Loopy Ewe perk points. WOW! I wasn't expecting that! you think I'm going to encourage you to link through our site?? YOU BET CHA! I will do anything to enhance my yarn stash! Just KIDDING! But, if you were considering shopping at the Loopy Ewe and it is your first time shopping with Sherri, please do consider linking through this site.

And, someone just gave me a wonderful idea.....if I do receive any points I will apply them to purchasing all the Cookie A. patterns and then hold a random drawing with the winner being allowed to pick out a Cookie A. pattern for their very own! Great idea!

Carry on, my monkies! I am really enjoying getting to know some of you through the sign-up makes it just a little bit less tedious!

Monkey Sock Swap Hostess


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Sheri is such a rockin' lady. :D

Oh, maybe to share the love you can use your credits and pick a random person to win a cookie pattern of their choice?

Can't wait to get be assign my pal!

~ Sarah

sock lover said...

Monkey info received and mailed pal!

Courtney said...

I cant wait to start :-)