Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Monkey Business

Good morning, Monkey Swappers!

I am still busy signing up participants and we are now at 52 participants.

I have sent all who have requested membership a Welcome Letter/Monkey Questionnaire and put your name in the sidebar. If your name is in the sidebar and you have not received your letter, please check your spam folder. Correspondence from me will be coming from If your name is not in the sidebar and you have requested membership then I have not received your email, please contact me again.

I have also sent you a clarification email on the contradicting swap end dates. The swap ends November 1, not October 15th. This means you must have your socks finished and to your pal by November 1 so please plan your knitting accordingly.

Some of you have already received your Blogger invitation. Please feel free to start posting on the blog whenever you want to - you don't have to wait until August 1.

And lastly.......there are several of you have not posted your Monkey Questionnaires on your blogs. Please try to do so soon. I won't be able to send you a pal until that is up!

I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you!!! I hope this swap experience will bring you many smiles!


Monkey Sock Swap Hostess


sock lover said...

woot! I cannot wait until Sept 1st to get started!!!

Angela Marie said...

My name is not in the sidebar. But I did receive my welcome letter.

Amy Clarke said...

My name is also not in the side bar, but I did receive my welcome letter and posted my questionaire


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Got my welcome letter, my name's on the sidebar and I just posted my questionnaire! Can't wait to get my blogger invite and be assigned my pal!

~ Sarah

BH said...

Hi - My name appears twice in the sidebar

My blog is now at and it contains the questionnaire answers

Icouldbecrabby blog will be eliminated later this month

Thank you