Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Gauge, You Are My Enemy!

I've only started to pay attention to gauge because I want to improve my knitting skills. But man it's hard for me to get the recommended gauge. For those of you who have Monkey Sock experience, should I be worried that I'm a couple of stitches off?


sock lover said...

Thats the story of my life/knitting at times, lol!
You should be fine though.

Laura said...

check my blog I talked about a lot of the gauge drama you're probably facing

Dotty said...

My answer to your question: it depends. If you are knitting too loosely (fewer stitches per 4") and your pal has narrow feet (less than 8" foot circ), then you have a problem. Ditto if you're knitting tightly (more stitches per 4") and your pal has wide feet (more than 9" foot circ).