Friday, August 24, 2007

No Monkey?

Bonjour mes monkeys!

I am really excited to be doing this swap, but... is anyone else still waiting for their sock pal's info? Or is it just me?

Anyway, can't wait to get started - I am down to the toe of my last pair of socks, so I need to get those Monkeys on there before something else jumps on...

What?! :)



Anonymous said...

Yes, Im still waiting, but after reading my Pals blogg she is on holiday, so your pal could be too, i have just about finished the first sock, glad its a bank holiday weekend in the UK so I can make a good start on the second one.

Anonymous said...

Isn't her information on her blogg, the questionaire we all had to fill out, thats where i got the information to do my pals socks.

Rebecca said... are not the only one who has not received a Monkey Pal! I am working as fast as I can; however, I can't assign pals until participants accept their Blogger invitations and right now that is where you are in the process..... I have no one to assign to you until they do so. And, participants don't get an invitation until they post their questionnaire. Right now I have about 15 people who have not done that yet. So..I am moving with the flow of everyone else. My hands are pretty much tied. It should be soon!

Jane said...


I haven't recieved a Blogger invitation yet, though I did post the questionnaire on my blog as soon as I got it.

Is it because Blogger takes some time to send the invitations out?