Friday, August 17, 2007

I Can't Wait

I know that Rebecca is moving as fast as she can but I'm going nuts or crazy with anticipation of finding out who my pal is. I love looking for new yarn and this will give me the perfect excuse. By the way, waiting for my Ravelry invite is driving me crazy also. Thanks Rebecca for doing a wonderful job with organizing this swap.


Kitch06 said...

I second that Ana. I'm so excited to get my pal. Knowing that others have already gotten their pal is driving me crazy!

Kristy said...

Me, too; me, too. I was hoping to have my pal by today sometime so I could shop for yarn tomorrow (since it's Saturday). Like most of you, I work full time during the week, so Saturday is my only day to shop. I live in Utah, and we are a bit weird in that none of the stores are open on Sunday. Anyway, can't wait to get my pal and get going. I've already found one monkey treat!

Linda C. said...

Count me in on the anxiety attack! I have a lovely basket full of "socks - some assembly required", but I want to shop for some newer selections for the swap. After all, some of that yarn has been in the basket for two weeks!!! My mind has been wandering over the associated monkey gifts . . . have a couple ideas, I think!