Tuesday, August 28, 2007

OK, maybe I'm not as computer savy as I think I am

I received my swap pal assignment over the weekend (thank you very much Rebecca for your hard work). I have examined her blog, and answers to the questionnaire, I have even ordered her pattern, the yarn I'm send and using.... But I cannot figure out how to contact her anonymously! All of my e-mail accounts come through with my name on them! Does anyone have the answer?



Renee said...

Amy, I actually created a new email account, but there is a way to change how your name appears when you're sending mail, but how to do it depends on your email domain. In gmail it's under settings, and then accounts.

AnaMarie said...

Go into your profile or make a new free account (gmail, yahoo, aol, hotmail, etc.) and make sure that your real name is not in there at all. Put something like "Secret Pal" or anything really as the name.

agatha quafflepuncher said...

I set up a hotmail account specifically for this swap, but somehow, my name was still there on the email when I received a reply from my secret pal *roll*, it must be something to do with my computer settings but I have no idea how to change it:-(

Courtney said...

You can make another email account and use it for all your secret swaps. :-) also if you change your name on your email like instead of putting your name where it asks Example: First: Jane Last:Doe you can change it so when you email someone it wont show your name, on mine I put(... hmm I guess I cant put what I really put because then my pal will know...) First: Loves Last: To knit and then instead of saying Jane Doe when you email someone it will say Loves to knit. Hope I didnt confuse you too much